ESO Alchemy Trait Research Curriculum


Alchemy plant
Unlock the power of plants and mushrooms.

A knowledge of all the reagent traits will enable the crafter to quickly craft potions and poisons using the base UI and increase the chance of obtaining sealed alchemy writs.

Tradeskill mastery (which determines your odds of receiving a master writ from a top tier writ reward box) is meant to imply a long-term dedication to the craft. This varies from tradeskill to tradeskill…And with Alchemy, we look at how many reagents from which you’ve completely learned all effects. — ZOS

Shopping List

  • Beetle Scuttle (4)
  • Blessed Thistle (7)
  • Blue Entoloma (4)
  • Bugloss (3)
  • Butterfly Wing (5)
  • Clam Gall (3)
  • Columbine (3)
  • Corn Flower (3)
  • Dragon’s Bile (2)
  • Dragon’s Blood (3)
  • Dragon Rheum (2)
  • Dragonthorn (3)
  • Emetic Russula (3)
  • Fleshfly Larva (5)
  • Imp Stool (4)
  • Lady’s Smock (4)
  • Luminous Russula (5)
  • Mountain Flower (3)
  • Mudcrab Chitin (5)
  • Namira’s Rot (7)
  • Nightshade (3)
  • Nirnoot (6)
  • Powdered Mother of Pearl (2)
  • Scrib Jelly (6)
  • Spider Egg (6)
  • Stinkhorn (6)
  • White Cap (6)
  • Violet Coprinus (5)
  • Water Hyacinth (5)
  • Wormwood (6)


Trait Research Combinations

Botanist Achievement

  1. Blessed Thistle, Columbine
    (Restore Stamina)
  2. Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn
    (Increase Weapon Power, Restore Stamina)
  3. Blessed Thistle, Mountain Flower
    (Restore Stamina)
  4. Blessed Thistle, Namira’s Rot
  5. Blessed Thistle, Stinkhorn
    (Increase Weapon Power, Ravage Health)
  6. Blue Entoloma, Bugloss
    (Cowardice, Restore Health)
  7. Blue Entoloma, Namira’s Rot
  8. Blue Entoloma, White Cap
    (Cowardice, Ravage Magicka)
  9. Bugloss, Columbine
    (Restore Health, Restore Magicka)
  10. Bugloss, White Cap
    (Cowardice, Increase Spell Resist)
  11. Butterfly Wing, Nirnroot
  12. Corn Flower, Lady’s Smock
    (Increase Spell Power, Restore Magicka)
  13. Corn Flower, Violet Coprinus
    (Increase Spell Power, Ravage Health)
  14. Corn Flower, Wormwood
  15. Dragonthorn, Stinkhorn
    (Increase Weapon Power, Fracture)
  16. Dragonthorn, Wormwood
    (Weapon Critical)
  17. Emetic Russula, Stinkhorn
    (Ravage Health, Ravage Stamina)
  18. Emetic Russula, Violet Coprinus
    (Ravage Health, Ravage Magicka)
  19. Emetic Russula, Water Hyacinth
  20. Imp Stool, Luminous Russula
    (Maim, Ravage Stamina)
  21. Imp Stool, Mountain Flower
    (Maim, Increase Armor)
  22. Imp Stool, Nirnroot
  23. Lady’s Smock, Namira’s Rot
    (Spell Critical)
  24. Lady’s Smock, Violet Coprinus
    (Increase Spell Power, Breach)
  25. Luminous Russula, Mountain Flower
    (Maim, Restore Health)
  26. Luminous Russula, Water Hyacinth
    (Restore Health)
  27. Luminous Russula, Wormwood
    (Restore Health)
  28. Namira’s Rot, Columbine
  29. Namira’s Rot, Nirnroot
  30. Namira’s Rot, Water Hyacinth
    (Spell Critical)
  31. Namira’s Rot, Wormwood
  32. Nirnroot, Violet Coprinus
    (Ravage Health)
  33. Torchbug Thorax, White Cap
  34. Water Hyacinth, Wormwood
    (Weapon Crit)


Toxicologist Achievement

  1. Beetle Scuttle, Butterfly Wings
  2. Beetle Scuttle, Mudcrab Chitin
    (Increase Armor, Protection)
  3. Beetle Scuttle, Violet Coprinus
  4. Blessed Thistle, Scrib Jelly
  5. Blue Entoloma, Butterfly Wing
    (Restore Health)
  6. Butterfly Wing, Scrib Jelly
    (Lingering Health)
  7. Butterfly Wing, Spider Egg
    (Lingering Health)
  8. Fleshfly Larva, Nightshade
    (Gradual Ravage Health)
  9. Fleshfly Larva, Scrib Jelly
  10. Fleshfly Larva, Stinkhorn
    (Ravage Stamina)
  11. Fleshfly Larva, Torchbug Thorax
  12. Mudcrab Chitin, Nightshade
    (Defile, Protection)
  13. Mudcrab Chitin, Spider Egg
  14. Mudcrab Chitin, White Cap
    (Increase Spell Resist)
  15. Nightshade, Stinkhorn
    (Ravage Health)
  16. Nirnroot, Spider Egg
  17. Nirnoot, Torchbug Thorax
  18. Scrib Jelly, White Cap
    (Ravage Magicka)
  19. Spider Egg, Wormwood
  20. Stinkhorn, Torchbug Thorax


Rare Reagents

  1. Clam Gall, Fleshfly Larva
  2. Clam Gall, Dragon’s Blood, Spider Egg
    (Defile, Hindrance, Lingering Health)
  3. Clam Gall, White Cap
    (Increase Spell Resistance / Ward)
  4. Powdered Mother of Pearl, Scrib Jelly
    (Lingering Health, Speed)
  5. Powdered Mother of Pearl, Beetle Scuttle
    (Protection / Vitality)
  6. Dragon’s Bile, Dragon’s Blood, Spider Egg
    (Invisible, Lingering Health, Heroism)
  7. Blessed Thistle, Dragon’s Blood, Mudcrab Chitin
    (Stamina, Defile)
  8. Dragon’s Bile, Dragon Rheum, Scrib Jelly
    (Heroism, Speed, Vulnerability)
  9. Dragon Rheum, Lady’s Smock, Imp Stool)
    (Restore Magicka, Enervation)




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