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ESOTU Orsinium Introduces Crafting Node Scaling

The upcoming DLC to be released next month will be including a new harvesting implementation called “Crafting Node Scaling”. Here is how it is intended to work Crafting Node Scaling Raw materials in Wrothgar will look like (and drop) materials based on the peak of your aptitude in the craft they are associated with. This …

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ESO Deconstruction Nerf – Stolen Goods

There have been several posts on the forums that confirm that the inspiration (crafting xp) earned from the deconstructing of stolen items has significantly decreased.  It has been suggested that laundering the items will improve the inspiration received but it is disputed. Related Posts: http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/219101/crafting-xp-gains-stolen-items http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/212470/xp-loss-for-crafting-using-stolen-items

ESO Harvester’s Guide to Alchemy Reagents

Passing through the bazaar of Sentinel, a local chef prepared a dish he called “The Secret Chef’s Pork Roast”.  It was tasty enough to satiate my hunger… While spending the next few days at the healer’s tent “recovering” from a secret ingredient, I overheard the healers chat about their tips to obtain reagents for their healing potions. …

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RL Blacksmithing: Forged in Fire TV Series

If you enjoy crafting in game and want to learn more about blacksmithing, the History Channel has an interesting competition series that tests modern day blacksmiths. I’ve seen a few episodes and I have them to be pretty interesting despite following the common reality tv competition formula. http://www.history.ca/forged-in-fire/

Crafters work in the tradehall

ESO Glass Armor

So the rumors are true. Two new styles have been rediscovered: One of them is a way to make armor out of glass! Over a few pints at the tavern and an undisclosed amount of coins in small denominations in an unmarked pouch, a master crafter shared his knowledge of the new glass motif.

ESO Overheard in Tamriel

The other day I paid a visit to the war-torn Imperial City to witness the destruction of the Daedric Invasion. I overheard two daedric chatting while sneaking around in the shadows. I found it quite amusing. I’d rather clothe the nethers of an Ogrim than serve another Daedric prince. – Anonymous Daedra  

Dramatic scene unfolds

ESO Emote List

Today’s journey to me to the city Wayrest. I was late getting into the city so I sought out an inn of some repute. The Cloudy Dregs Inn was recommended by a few of the guards so I headed there.  It was here where I met a travelling band of entertainers and we discussed the …

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