ESOTU Crafting Deconstruction Analysis 2.2.8

Crafters work in the tradehallSpAEkus posted on the official forums an incredibly detailed analysis of ESO deconstruction results for all applicable crafting professions.

If you are a min/maxer number crunching crafter, this is a post for you.



One thought on “ESOTU Crafting Deconstruction Analysis 2.2.8”

  1. This post was part of a thread started by Nestor regarding a noticeable change to inspiration earned from deconstructing various Enchanting Glyphs.

    The main take away point: “Looted Glyphs give the most Inspiration, and Glyphs made by Alts give the same Inspiration as Glyphs made by other players. Note, this may change with a patch at any time. “

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