Update 33 Combat Preview, Upcoming Events, and more

Now that the Daedric Celebration event is over, kick your feet up and catch up on what is coming next in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Note: Spoilers are kept to a minimum.

Update 33 – Ascending Tide DLC

If you are an ESO Content Creator, you will definitely want to check out the PTS patch notes and login to the Public Test Server (PC Only). The next DLC will introduce two new dungeons and some long awaited features. The changes are not without controversy and players have mixed feelings about some of the changes.

First DLC Ascending Tide: Legacy of the Bretons goes live in March

  • March 14th, 2022 (PC, Mac, Stadia)
  • March 29th, 2022 (Xbox, PlayStation)
  • January 31th (PTS) NOW
Ascending Tide Trailer – Bethesda Softworks YouTube

Update 33 – Combat Preview

The combat team lead, Gilliam, posted an update on the Official forums on January 28th.

The general theme of the update is that the developer continues to achieve their goal of Elder Scrolls Online: Play your way. They are focused on hybridization.

Abilities: “making almost every player ability in the game scale dynamically with your highest offensive stats when applicable.
Buffs: “dual sourcing buffs on abilities and item sets like Major Prophecy/Major Savagery and Brutality/Sorcery.

New Chapter: High Isle – Pre-order Available Now

The chapter High Isle was revealed on January 27th. It is now available for pre-order where you usually get your Elder Scrolls Online stuff.

The Chapter will introduce a full Spanish localization (UI and Voice Dialog), new areas, 12-player trial, new world event (like Geysers), couple new companions, a new crafting assistant, an amazing new home, and new mini-game.

Elder Scrolls Online Tabletop Game

There is a tabletop game based on the Elder Scrolls Online in development scheduled for release in the Fall 2002 by Chip Theory Games. The game is titled Elder Scrolls Online: Betrayal of the Second Age.

Player vs Player Update

In case you missed it, there was an update on Elder Scrolls Online PvP plans for 2022 by Matt Firor. To summarize, they are going to rearchitect their servers to improve performance in PvP. However, it is expected to take most of 2022 to accomplish.

What’s up Next?

February 2022

Whitestrake’s Mayhem (Formerly Mid-year Mayhem)

  • Double Alliance Points and Double Experience (PvP Kill in PvP activities)
  • Double Harvest Yields in Cyrodiil.
  • Reward Boxes
  • Tickets

March 2022

Jester’s Festival

  • Double Experience
  • Reward boxes
  • Tickets

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