TheoryCRAFTING: Multi-Crafting

TheoryCRAFTING is a series of articles where I examine an Elder Scrolls Online theory, crafting, and or both.
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In this article, we investigate multi-crafting and how it changes refining, creation, and deconstruction of crafting items.

This information will be useful for non-crafters, crafters, and console players.

Updated: New Gamepad UI version available


In Elder Scrolls Online Update 23: Scalebreaker, one of the new quality of life improvements included in the Base Game updates is Multi-Crafting.

You can now perform several actions in bulk at crafting stations and receive your items immediately! This includes refining, creation, deconstructing, and extracting, and applies to all crafting stations. Note that a multi-craft will only partially process if your inventory fills during it.

Elder Scrolls Official Forums: Update 23 PTS Patch Notes

Multi-Crafting simplies the crafting process into four steps.

  1. Select Action
  2. Select Item(s)
  3. Select Quantity
  4. Hit Go.




  1. Create a new character
  2. Spend 30 Champion Points in the The Tower Tree to unlock Inspiration Boost
  3. Test Deconstruction
    1. Deconstruct some items and record results
  4. Test Creation
    1. Learn a level 15 provisioning recipe and make 90 items
  5. Test Refinement
    1. Refine at least 500 items.
  6. Make conclusions based on the results




  1. Item selection and quantity steps combined.
  2. Inspiration and any achievement are applied to your character
  3. Items placed into the inventory (space permitting)


  1. Select item
  2. Set quantity
    1. Optional Minimum or Maximum (1000) button available
    2. Set quantity to 90, the approximate current number to go from level 1 to 20 provisioning.
  3. Inspiration applied and items placed into the inventory (space permitting)

Refining / Extraction

  1. When item is selected, the quantity is automatically set to the maximum amount.
  2. Any achievement earned are applied to your character and items placed into the inventory (space permitting)


My testing concluded that multi-crafting

  1. Executed immediately once the action button was triggered
  2. Inspiration appeared to be equivalent to previous version
  3. Items recovered from deconstruction appeared to be equivalent to previous version
  4. Items obtained from refinement appeared to be equivalent to previous version



  • The instantaneous nature of multi-crafting is a significant improvement over the previous versions.
  • The ease of the new feature may encourage non-crafters to make their own consumables. 
  • Power Leveling crafting professions will be incredibly faster if you have the necessary materials, recipes, and deconstruction items


Bonus – GamePad UI


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