TheoryCRAFTING: Do Summerset Dailies Repeat?

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In a previous article, we explored that idea that the daily quests repeat. This article looks at the Summerset quests



Over seven days, I recorded the dailies offered to my main character from the following Summerset dailies NPC’s

  • Justicar Tanorian (Delves)
  • Justicar Farwel (World Bosses)
  • Battlereave (Geysers)

When the seven days were over, I collected dailies on another characters to compare results.



Early on while the recording the data, it was clear that patterns were emerging.  The quests were repeating in a set order.

When comparing the quests offered to different characters, I had observed that the quests repeated in the same order but not the on the same day.



Below are the result for each of the dailies recorded.


A Rose’s Beauty > Relic Runaround > Culling Serpents > Struck from Memory > Pilgrimage’s End > Snuffing Out the Light >Repeat

World Bosses

The Abyssal Alchemist > Birds of a Feather > Never Forgotten > Run Aground > The Sickening Sea > Taming The Wild > Repeat

Abyssal Geysers

Sinking Summerset > Repeat

Note: This daily needs to be unlocked by visiting Battlereeve Tanerline outside the Royal Castle in Alinor and completing the brief quest called The Abyssal Cabal. 

Summerset: Do you know about the daily and weekly quests?


Below is a summary of the results

  • Dailies did repeat
  • Not the same quest for every character or player on a given day


There are a few applications of this knowledge. If you don’t have more than one account to “park” dailies on, you can place the dailies schedules for your character(s) on a digital calendar to see when they will be available next. This can be useful to set reminders or plan future streaming sessions.


  1. Summerset: Do you know about the daily and weekly quests?


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