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ESO The Sweetroll Killer

Reman Mevavius, a rather dubious imperial merchant in Kvatch, is looking for someone well equipped to solve a series of murders by a mysterious serial killer that sends their victims a sweetroll with a paper death threat filling.

In this quest you will be reunited with two popular ESO characters, Naryu and Razum-dar in Kvatch on the Gold Coast.

Note: This quest requires the Dark Brotherhood or ESO+


At some point in this quest, you will be asked to find four messages and solve the code to locate the meeting place of the Sweetroll Killer.


  1. Keep Victims Alive
    1. Tuindal – Alter his routine so that the murder cannot find him
    2. Dobias – Continue to wander the market and stay near other people
    3. Yarmia – if she cannot handle a weapon, she should not have one.
    4. Louna will decline help.
  2. Find the Hidden Messages (4)
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  1. Statue in the plaza to the west of the Enchanter
  2. Upper Walkway (bridge) between the Enchanter and the Inn
  3. The center of the market at the entrance to Kvatch Castle
  4. Upper seating of Kvatch Arena
  • Solve the Code
    1. The location of the house is the most southern house in Kvatch off the main road next to the wall and behind the houses on the main street.
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