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ESO Rending Flames

I awakened the spirit of an ancient Dark Elf scribe named Mavos Siloreth. Mavos’s spirit can’t remember how he bound Balreth in the original ceremony. to help me, he’s going to perform a ritual and show me a vision of the past…


Mavos sends you to obtain a candle and a skull. Both are locked in chests that are unlocked by solving a puzzle involving shrines and colours.

To open the chests, observe the colours of the braziers behind the chest. Visit each shrine and use repeatedly until it matches its corresponding brazier (left, centre, or right). In the example below, the colours of the braziers were green, blue, green.

Next, enter the portal and find Mavos where he will charge you with closing the three portals. When that is, follow your compass marker to Magister Enuse. She will task you with summoning two fire guardians. Follow the last guardian to Balreth. Use the altar and then talk to Mavos to complete the quest.

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