ESO Spoiler: Bahraha’s Gloom Skyshard

The designers of the Bahraha’s Gloom did an excellent job hiding the dungeon skyshard. In order to reach the skyshard you will need to find the entrance to the secret passage leading to the upper plank walkway above the dungeon floors. This passage is known as the “necromancer’s passage to the rafters”


  1. From the entrance, jump down to the lower level.
  2. Go through the door on the other side of the room between the stairs.
  3. Proceed to the next room. 
  4. Cross the next room and use the door on the other side.
  5. Escape, evade, and / or engage the enemies.
  6. Follow the passage as it leads to the left and then right to the cavernous room with the water.
  7. Turn right and follow the bookshelf-lined walkway. Escape, evade, and / or engage the enemies.
  8. Duck into the first corridor to the right.
  9. At the intersection, turn right and follow the corridor to the “ship room”
  10. Once in the room, make your way to the walkway behind the ship.
  11. Proceed to the left.
  12. Enter the doorway.
  13. A short distance from the start of the covered walkway is a hole large enough for you to enter. 
  14. This is the secret path leading to the rafters.
  15. Once you enter the room, follow the rafters in this room to the far right corner of the room.
  16. Enter the next hidden passage and proceed to the next room.
  17. Once in the next room, follow the rafter path to the right to the last hidden passage.
  18. Follow the path to the skyshard.
  19. Use the lever to return to the entrance.
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