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ESO At Any Cost (Daedric Shrine Stones)

Mistress Dratha, having woken from a crippling illness, made it clear that she wants to beat death.  Seven Daedric relics called the Stone of Cold Fire may be the key to achieving immortality.

Note: The purchase of the Morrowind Chapter is required to complete this quest line and it requires you complete the Vos location quest line (Reclaiming Vos).

Below you will find a map that will lead you to the general locations  but doesn’t take away all of the exploration fun trying locate each of the items within each structure.

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The Daedric Shrines

  1. Ashalmawia
  2. Bal Ur
  3. Estanamus
  4. Kushtashpi
  5. Ramimilk
  6. Yansirramus
  7. Tesenend


  • Hand of the Mistress 10 points


  • Dark Staff of the War Maiden
  • 389g


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