ESOTU Spoiler: A Grave Matter

Llotha asked me to help her unlock a lockbox by solving an old mystery about the Blacklight Raiders. The password to the lock is a combination of the Raiders’ names and professions.

a grave matter


You need to figure out is what each of the Blacklight Raiders’ name was, and whether they were the fighter, the mage, the thief, or the cleric.

  1. Read The Mage’s Cipher (if the option E to use the Mage’s cipher doesn’t appear after talking to Llotha, you can find it in your inventory in the quest section)
  2. Read the First Gravestone
  3. Read the Second Gravestone
  4. Read the Third Gravestone
  5. Read the Fourth Gravestone
  6. Give Llotha the Missing Information
    1. Joella, the warrior last name is Lavergne
    2. Olivia’s profession is the thief
    3. William’s last name and profession is Rernis and he was the mage


  1. Mage’s Cipher written by Mage to Lavergne
    1. The first letter of Olivia’s last name
    2. The last letter of Moret’s first name
    3. The sixth letter of Guymund’s last name
    4. The last letter of the mage’s last name
    5. The second letter of the priest’s last name
    6. The first letter of the thief’s last name
    7. The second letter of William’s last name
    8. The fifth letter of the warrior’s last name
    9. The fifth letter of Joelle’s last name
    10. The second letter of Lavergne’s first name
    11. The first letter of Rernis’s first name
  2. From the cipher you learn
    1. The mage is not Lavergne
    2. The first names are Olivia, Guymund, William, Joelle
    3. The last names are Moret, Lavergne, Rernis
  3. First Gravestone
    1. Joelle is the warrior and the healer is the nearest gravestone.
  4. Second Gravestone
    1. Guymund Chauvry was the healer
  5. Third Gravestone
    1. Moret was the thief
  6. Fourth Gravestone
    1. William was the mage


First Name Last Name Mage Warrior Thief Healer
Olivia [Moret]
– is the thief
-Gravestone 3
Guymund [Chauvry]
-Gravestone 2
– Gravestone 1
– Nearest Fighter
William [Rernis]
– Cipher
– Not Lavergne
Yes – Gravestone 4
Joelle [Lavergne] – Cipher – Not the mage Yes – Gravestone 1


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