ESO Public Dungeon: Razak’s Wheel

Razak’s Wheel is located on southwest corner of the Bangkorai Pass, a short distance south of Hallin’s Stand.

According to those who study the long-lost culture of the Dwarves, “Razak” was a fairly common Dwemeri name. Scholars are divided on whether it means “precision engineer” or “tonal modulator”. 


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Large Dwemer Ruin

Spoiler: Puzzle door is opened by Aurbis, Mundus, then Aetherius.


Mobs:  Imperial Soldiers, Dwarven Contructs

Critters: Beetles, Scorpions

Named:   Razak’s Behemoth,  Centurion Solinthia, Archivist Poneria, Archivist Sanctius, Rkurdamz, Mzanchndalft


  • “Carina’s Journal”
  • “Notes on the Vault Door”
  • Several bookshelves


  • Plentiful number of dwemer containers within which are good sources of lockpicks, solvents, recipes, and motifs.
  • Several chests and heavy sacks


  • Razak’s Wheel Vanquisher (10pts.)
  • Razak’s Wheel Conquerer (50pts.)
  • Razak’s Wheel Group Event (50pts.)
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