ESOTU Public Dungeon: Obidian Scar

The Orcs of the Daggerfall Covenant are mainly worshipers of Mauloch, according to his adherents, is not by any means a Daedric Prince. But there are others, unaffiliated clans and outlaws, who worship Malacath, a deity all recognize as a Daedra.

Obidian Scar is located in the large mountainous area in northern Rivenspire between Shornhelm and Fell’s Run.


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Daedric Shrine


Mobs:  Daedra, Oathbound Cultists

Critters: Rats, Beetles, Spiders,

Named:  Doom Witch Dekamma, Ogmash the Mighty, Bumbuk Bear-Slayer, High Overseer Kvotai, Murgbakh Axe-Hands, Grand Shaman Glazgor, Zozullu, Zilbash the Deceiver


  • Several bookshelves


  • Lots of provisioning containers
  • Fairly fast spawning Heavy Sacks
  • Several backpacks


  • Obidian Scar Vanquisher (10pts.)
  • Obidian Scar Conquerer (50pts.)
  • Obidian Scar Group Event (50pts.)
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