ESO Official Homestead Announcement

UpdateToday, Zenimax made an official housing announcement regarding  update 13 also known as Homestead.


  • Included free with next major game update, introduces player housing system
  • Includes furniture crafting and robust home decoration options.
    • Place items wherever you like with the game’s new Housing Editor. Some homes have outdoor spaces
    • Decorative items can be crafted using the existing trades, bought with via gold or Crowns.
    • Special monster-themed busts can be collected from Veteran Arenas, Dungeons, and Trials.
    • Achievement Furnishers stock special items related to completed achievements.
    • Luxury Furnisher sells exquisite and expensive rotating premium goods for a very limited time.
    • Have the option of placing pets, mounts, Assistants, Crafting Stations, and even Target Skeletons.
    • Finding a complete set of Shalidor’s Library tomes unlock books that can be bought from Mages Guild
  • Nearly 40 unique homes styled after the 10 playable races, and are furnished or unfurnished.
    • Zone specific achievements will unlock the ability to buy the associated home in that zone.
    • Imperial-style homes require the Imperial Edition of ESO or Digital Imperial Edition Upgrade.
    • Fully furnished versions can be purchased from the Crown Store.
    • Later, there will also be special properties that are exclusive to the Crown Store, including a luxurious island retreat.
  • The Homestead tutorial quest reward is your first home: a modest room at a local inn.
  • Can own multiple homes and homes are account-based: every one of your characters will have access
  • All unfurnished homes can be purchased for in-game gold or with crowns.
  • Players can visit your home via the group, friends, or guild lists using new option “Visit House”

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