ESO Delve: Wormroot Depths

Greetings fellow knowledge seeker, enclosed you will find the Delve Report compiled by BenevolentBowd containing information on its inhabitants, loot found, and a map.

General Information

Regarded by scholars of the arcane as the apex achievement of the Wild Elves’ magical art, the so-called Ayleid Wells are believed to use Aetherial crystal to aggregate magicka from starlight—even in subterranean locations.

Wormroot Depths is located northwest region of Grahtwood, a short distance from Redfur Trading Post.


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Ayleid Ruin


Mobs:  Humanoid Daedra, Bestial Daedra

Critters:  None

Named: Raynia


  • Several Bookshelves


  • Decent source of provisioning mats and Daedric hearts
  • A couple of chests
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