ESOTU Creating Your Own Pledge Calculator

Do MoreSometimes it can be handy knowing when a particular dungeon will be the pledge. For example, If you are farming for a particular monster set item (eg. Engine Guardian, Mephala’s, etc.), you would have the best chance of finding groups running the dungeon of interest when it is the pledge of the day.

Whether or not you want a more elegant automated pledge calculator or a simple paper-based solution, you need to know three things.

  1. The order of the Normal Dungeons
  2. The order of the Veteran Dungeons
  3. What the pledges were on a certain date.

The latest item in the list acts as the reference point for the calendar. From that date forward, you can calculate the pledges on a given date until the item 1 or 2 from the list above changes.


First, let’s approach the problem from a good old pen and paper or basic calendar application with recurring appointments.

Start with the known date and create two entries on the calendar for each pledge (normal and veteran). If using a calendar application, set the appointment to recurring every N or V days, where N is the number of Normal dungeons on the normal list (currently 16) and where V is the number of Veteran dungeons on the veteran list (soon to be 12). On the next day repeat with the next two pledges (normal and veteran) and repeat until all the dungeons have been added to the calendar.

A sample of 16 veteran pledges is shown below.

Sample Pledge Calendar
Sample Pledge Calendar


If you have some basic programming skills or an understanding of spreadsheets, you can create your own pledge calculator to automate the process.

To use the 3 items collected above (the two dungeon order lists and the reference date), you need to know how to do the following

  1. Store the two lists
  2. Calculate the difference in days from today and the known pledges date.
  3. Use a modulus function or operator to calculate the pledges based on the number of each type on its respective lists (eg. 16 and 12).
Modulus: Calculates the remainder of a mathematical division calculation. For example, 100 divided by 10 would be 10 with 0 remainder. 100 divided by 16 would be 6 (6 x 16 = 96) with a remainder of 4. 

Using the difference between today and the reference date, do a modulus calculation using each pledge total (12 and 16). A remainder of 0 means that the pledge would be the same as the first pledge on the list, 1 the second, 2, the third, and so on. Use this offset to look up the pledge it’s respective list and output the result.

You may have to do some tweaking as some programming languages or functions may approximate the date difference.

If you would like to see a great example of pledge calculator in action, view the website.  They created plug-in for their content management system.

Congrats, you are done!  Good Luck.


  1. ESOTU Undaunted: Do you know about the daily quests? (Shows the orders of the pledge groups).
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