ESO Winter 2022 Details Announced

This week The Elder Scrolls Online published details about this years Q4 Story DLC and Base Game Update 36.


PC | MAC | Steam | Stadia: November 1, 2022
XBox | Playstation: November 15, 2022


Story DLC titled Firesong and base game update 36

  • New Zone: Galen (lore)
  • 15 Hours of new story content
  • New Tales of Tribute Patron Deck: The Druid King
  • New 6 Item Sets and 3 Mythic Items
  • New Collectibles, Furnishings, and Dyes
  • New Achievements and Titles


ESO+ members and account that have purchased the DLC will have access to the new zone

All players will benefit from

  • Simplified Chinese Localization
  • Target Markers for Enemies (Details*)
  • Hide Pets in Towns (Details*)
  • Armory Stations in PvP Zones (Details*)
  • Emperor Scaling in Cyrodiil
  • Housing Quality of Life updates (Details*)
    • Chat links for your house
    • UI Improves to indicate who’s house you are in and how many players are present.
    • Furnishing Lists for Visited Homes
    • Improved functionality for items placed on walls
  • Text to Speech Integration for Chat (Details*)
  • Customized Actions – Coming to Crown Store after update (Details*)
    • Adds flare to single activities (Harvesting, Chopping Wood, Fast Traveling Animations.

*Links to ESO Live VOD timestamps

PTS Patch Note Spoilers

ESO Live at Home: Firesong DLC and Update 36 Preview

Here’s the ESO Live VOD featuring the new DLC.

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