ESO Vampire Re-Vamp with Update 26

A preview of the upcoming vampire changes in the Elder Scrolls Online has been posted on the official forums. Here is a mobile-friendly summary of the changes and the teaser video.


  • “The Vampire Skill Line has not seen significant changes since its inception, beyond some minor combat balancing tweaks”  – Kyle Nowak, Combat Designer
  • Dramatic changes and additions to the Skill Line, including the creation of brand new abilities and either replacing or updating existing ones.
  • The goal of the redesign was to make Vampires more active and engaging when in battle.
  • The main [combat] themes being Blood Magic, hit-and-run aggressiveness, and stealth and elusiveness.
    • New synergies that reflects the “Blood Magic”.
      • Eviscerate is a straightforward spammable that deals more damage based on your own missing Health
      • Blood Frenzy is a toggle ability that drains your own Health in exchange for increased Weapon and Spell Damage. 
    •  New ultimate ability, called Blood Scion, which transforms your character into a monstrous beast.
      • While in this form
        • boosts to your Health, Stamina, and Magicka pools,
        • heal yourself when dealing damage,
        • see your enemies through walls.
  • Changes to Vampire stages
    • Activating and Maintaining
      • Increase your stage by feeding on NPCs, but they also slowly decrease over time
      • Each stage you reach decreases the cost of your Vampire active abilities and activates certain passive abilities
    • Penalties
      • Reduction in Health Recovery
      • Increase in damage from Flame attacks
      • Increase cost for non-Vampire abilities
  • Justice System changes
    • if you use certain Vampire abilities in public spaces (such as towns, cities, etc.), there’s a good chance you’ll be spotted and have a bounty put on your head.
    • if your blood curse is at stage four, many NPCs (including merchants) will recognize you as somebody afflicted by vampirism and will refuse to deal with you.
    • playing a unique cut scene each time you drain the life from an unsuspecting victim. This is similar to how the Dark Brotherhood’s Blade of Woe.

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