ESO Update on EU Hardware Refresh and Mayhem Delay

In case you missed it, The Elder Scrolls Online announced that Whitestrake’s Mayhem would be delayed. We now know why.

In a forum post, Matt Firor updated the community on the status of the server hardware refresh.

Here is the TLDR version

  • Hardware refresh 1 or 2 weeks behind schedule because of shipping slowdowns.
  • This two week delay puts the refresh right on top of our March launch of Update 37
  • The new date for PC EU getting new hardware will be in early April, and PlayStation EU should follow very shortly after.
  • A 14 hour downtime when the actual cutover happens
  • The March/April ESO timeframe is always very busy.
    • We have a lot of events and almost always have a major Update.
    • We are moving Whitestrake’s Mayhem to later in the year to ensure the datacenter hardware refresh is complete before we hold the event.
    • We still intend to have two Whitestrake’s Mayhem events in 2023.
  • Since we will be moving an event that grants Event Tickets out of Q1, we will make the Q1 (January – March) fragments (Passion’s Muse personality) available through Q2 (April – June.)
  • The amount of Event Tickets you can earn for the year will not change because of this shift.
  • As we have done in previous years, all morphing collectible fragments for the year will also be available during the New Life Festival in December.


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