ESO Traits of New Greymoor Reagents

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The Greymoor update introduced three new reagents: Chaurus Egg, Crimson Nirnroot, and Vile Coagulant.

Chaurus Eggs are a rare drop from large insect creatures in Western Skyrim and in Blackreach Caverns. Crimson Nirnroot grows underground and near water in the Caverns. It can also be found in Alchemist Satchels in the Dwemer ruins. Vile Coagulant is a rare drop from Harrowstorm encounters in Greymoor areas.

Here are their traits

Chaurus Egg

  • Timidity
  • Ravage Magicka
  • Restore Stamina
  • Detection

Crimson Nirnroot

  • Timidity
  • Spell Critical
  • Gradual Ravage Health
  • Restore Health

Vile Coagulant

  • Timidity
  • Ravage Health
  • Restore Magicka
  • Protection

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