ESO TheoryCRAFTING: The First 200 Days of Endeavors

In this article, we going to look back at the first two hundred days of Endeavor System in the Elder Scrolls Online.

I have done the math so you do not have to. The numbers are broken down by week, paywalls, PvP vs Pve, and more.

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If you are new to the Elder Scrolls Online or haven’t played Elder Scrolls Online in a while, let’s quickly review the Endeavors System.

Added shortly after the release of the Blackwood Chapter, Endeavors were introduced to provide ways to earn in-game currency to purchase items that were only found in loot boxes called Crown Crates. This new in-game currency called Endeavors, can be earned by completing up to 3 daily tasks and 1 weekly task. The Seals of Endeavors can be used in a special section of the Crown Store to purchase items available during the current Crown Crate Season.

The Min / Max Summary

Not much changed since the last report after 100 days.

Lowest Daily Endeavor Seals Reward10
Highest Daily Endeavor Seals Reward30
Lowest Weekly Endeavor Seals Reward160
Highest Weekly Endeavor Seals Reward400
Lowest Combined Dailies/Weekly Endeavor Seal Reward430
Highest Combined Dailies/Weekly Endeavor Seal Reward700
Total Number of Daily Endeavors Offered1000
Total Number of Weekly Endeavors Offered84
First 200 Days of ESO Endeavors

What did you have to do?

You could categorizes Endeavor tasks into 13 groups. Two new endeavor categories appeared in the last 100 days: Housing and Holiday tasks.

Endeavor Categories
Arenas / Dungeons / Trials
Crafting (Making, Deconstructing, and Harvesting)
Dark Brotherhood (Killing people and Sacraments)
Fashion (Outfits)
Holiday Quests
Hunting (Kill <Mobs, with poisons, with class abilities, with weapon abilities>
Legerdemain / Thieving (Stealing, Pickpocketing, Lockpicking)
Player vs. Player (Kill Players, Kill Patrolling Horrors, Town quests)
Questing (Complete quests)
Selling (Sell items to merchants)
Use / Consume (Food, Drinks, Ultimates)
First 200 Days of ESO Endeavors

Endeavors By Category

Here is a breakdown of the weekly and daily endeavors offered. Arena/Dungeon/Trial Endeavors were the largest weekly category. Crafting and PvP complete the top 3 weekly endeavors.

ESO Endeavors Weekly categories chart

The Hunting quests were the largest daily endeavor category, followed by crafting and use/consume tasks..

ESO Endeavors Dailies categories chart

Top Daily Endeavors List

In the first 200 days, there seemed to be a decent attempt to balance out the tasks between PvE and PvP content. Complete 1 quest and Kill 1 Player in Cyrodiil tied for first place on the most frequent endeavors list. Complete 1 dungeon and complete 1 battleground match were tied for 2nd.

4complete 1 duel (17)
4loot 2 treasure chests (17)
3kill 15 foes with weapon abilities (18)
3refine raw materials 5 times (18)
2complete 1 battleground match (27)
2complete 1 dungeon (27)
1complete 1 quest (30)
1kill 1 player in cyrodiil (30)
First 200 Days of ESO Endeavors

Endeavors Completed With Base Game (Paywalls)

These chart shows the percentage of Endeavors that could have been completed in the base game. In the first 200 days, most of the Endeavors could have been completed with just the base game. The majority of the paywall tasks were Antiquities, Thieves’ Guild Dailies (Heists), and Dark Brotherhood assassinations.

ESO Endeavors weekly paywall chart
ESO Endeavors daily paywall chart

*Note: Imperial City activities were considered base game as players could obtain the DLC for free from the Crown Store.

Endeavors by Playstyle

I attempted to breakdown the endeavors by playstyle. The general classification method was if a task could be completed in Cyrodiil, Imperial City, or Battlegrounds. Since there are crafting set stations in Cyrodiil, harvest nodes, treasure chests, PvE mobs, these PvE tasks could be completed in PvP areas. However, most PvPer’s would agree that these are not PvP activities. In that case, the both category would also be considered PvE.

ESO Endeavors Weekly pvp / pve chart
ESO Endeavors daily pvp / pve chart


Weekly Endeavors Seal Rewards Over Time

Here is a chart showing the Weekly Endeavor Trend over time. The trend is a very slight incline suggesting weekly endeavors are increasing and approaching around 200 seals per week.

ESO Endeavors Weekly seals over time trends chart

Daily Endeavors Seal Rewards Over Time

Here is the chart showing the individual daily rewards over time. The trend is slightly downward.

ESO Endeavors daily seals over time trends chart

Daily Endeavors per Week Seal Rewards Over Time

Here is the chart showing the total of the daily rewards per week over time. The trend is significantly downward.

ESO Endeavors daily (weekly totals) seals over time trends chart

Combined Weekly and Daily/Week Combined Seal Rewards Over Time

Here is the chart combines both daily and weekly endeavor rewards per week over time. The trend is significantly downward.

ESO Endeavors total seals per week over time trends chart

What If We Ignore the First 100 days?

Surprising upward trend
Slight downward trend. Averaging around 270 Seals per week.
Fairly flat trend. Approximately 475 Seals a week.

Overall, the downward trend of the dailies seems to be mostly offset by the upward trend in the weeklies. In my opinion, suggests the developer is encouraging more players to do their weekly endeavors.

So How Did You do?

Below is a table of all the rewards you would have obtained by January 2, 2022.

Endeavor Reward Counter

Seals Gold ExperienceTransmute CrystalsTel Var


The Good News

The majority of Endeavors do not appear to be behind a paywall. The weekly endeavor task rewards are trending upward. Over the past 100 days, the combined weekly totals appear to be stabilizing around 475 seals per week. This may make is useful to predict when we can earn certain rewards like an apex mount.

The Bad News

There is a higher percentage of PvE Endeavors than PvP Endeavors.

The graph trends suggest that the number of Seals rewarded for Daily endeavors is declining but this decline seems to have been offset by an increase in weekly endeavors over the past 100 days.



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