ESO Studio Director’s End of Year Letter

Zenimax Online Studio’s Studio Director Matt Firor posted an open letter looking back at 2022 and a glimpse of 2023.

Here is your quick summary of the highlights

  • Past
    • ESO welcomed millions of new players in 2022
    • Two new localizations added in 2022
      • Spanish
      • Simplified Chinese
    • Concerns over Update 36 and issues like the blocking bug
  • Future
    • Reassessing the balance of hand-crafted “one-and-done” storytelling content versus repeatable game activities
      • New Players overwhelmed by number of zones, stories, and characters.
      • Veteran Players want more repeatable content
    • New 2023 Cadence
      • Q1: Dungeon DLC (no change)
      • Q2: Full-Featured Chapter
        • Shift from year-long story to multi-year story arc linking chapters. (new / Pre-Year-Long-Story Approach)
      • Q3: Focus on Quality-of-Life improvements and bug fixes (new)
      • Q4: Introduction of New System (new)
        • More details during Global Reveal Event early next year.
    • Hardware and Server Updates
      • Almost all of the hardware should be delivered and in place by December
      • A month to install and test before shifting over
      • EU realms (PC, Xbox,Playstation) will be priority
      • NA realms (Xbox and PlayStation) afterwards.
      • Multi-threading work continues
        • Tentative plan: Q2 2023 (With next Chapter)
    • ESO Fan Gatherings
      • North America
        • US gathering To Be Announced soon™
      • Europe
        • Summer gathering To Be Announced soon™

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