ESO Starts to Tease Community with Articles on ESO’s Next Big Adventure

This week The Elder Scrolls Online announced two big livestreams will take place on January 25th, 2023. One of them is the highly anticipated Global Reveal event for this year.

Here is a quick recap on the announcements this week.

  1. Two livestreams will take place on January 25th at
  2. January 25, 2023 at 3pm ET
    • 2023 ESO Global Reveal
      • Deep dive into what you can expect from ESO this year.
        • the latest regions of Tamriel to become playable in ESO
        • a major new feature coming in the game’s biggest update this year.
      • January 25, 2023 at 3:45pm ET
    • Special Twitch Drop will be available
      • “The Ritual Casting Emote”
  3. Impresario (Event Vendor) Special Morphing Item Revealed
    • This year’s morphing collectible pet is the Passion Dancer Blossom pet.
    • Fragments
      • Chartreuse Lily Petals
      • Enchanted Silver Flute
      • Mystical Sheet Music
    • Morphs
      • Passion’s Muse Personality
      • more…


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