This is not a drill. It is an ESO Crown crate sale.

From now until August 16, 2023, you can save on select Crown Packs as part of the QuakeCon 2023 Sale. Below are the individual Crown Pack discounts

  • 21,000 Crown Pack—40% off
  • 14,000 Crown Pack—35% off
  • 5,500 Crown Pack—30% off
  • 3,000 Crown Pack—25% off
  • 1,500 Crown Pack—20% off

You can take advantage of this sale by visiting their Buy Crowns page.

Tips and Tricks

Here are few tips and tricks to make your crown buying decision

  1. Pick up your wishlist items that rarely go on sale for more than 20%
    • Additional Character Slots
    • “Storage Pets”
    • DLC
    • Classes
    • Any race / any Alliance
    • Digital Imperial Upgrade
    • NPC Merchants, Bankers, Deconstruction Assistants
    • Mundus Stones
    • Target Dummies
    • Ultimate restoration fountains
    • Houses not available for gold or have achievement requirement for gold purchase
  2. Check out the ESO Calendar for current and upcoming crown sale items
    • Don’t forget you can filter the calendar by hitting down arrow on the top right of the calendar window.
  3. Historically, ESO will entice you to spend as many of your new crowns as possible in the weeks following the sale by including popular items in their weekly sales.
    • Popular NPC as house guests
    • Bring back special crown crates for a limited time
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