ESO Performance Improvements Preview – Update 27

Following up on the Stonehorn & Update 27 ESO Live stream and preview article on the official website, ESO Community Manager Jessica Folsom posted some more details on the forums.

Here is a quick summary of what to expect next quarter.


  • Improving performance by reducing server / client messaging
    • Persistent AoE Improvements – implementing new Area of Effect (AoE) tech to keep same functionality but reduce the number of hit result messages the client has to process.
      • Cyrodiil PvP expected to see the most improvement
      • First AoE to be tested is the Dragonknight Standard (and Morphs).
      • Team will be collecting Cyrodiil metrics over the next few weeks.
    • Item Sets – Streamline every item set ability in the game to reduce server calculations and server / client messaging. (Examples)
    • Critical Memory – Attempting to mitigate issues like when you teleport into a busy city and crash, consoles will monitor memory usage and will temporarily unload vanity pets and personalities from players outside your group.
    • Physics Implementation – reducing unnecessary code complexity and making Keep pieces behave more like normal fixtures to reduce bugs and crashes.
    • Trial Performance – reviewed the algorithm which load balances the Trial instances to decrease the chances of the instance launchers being overloaded in high usage situations.
    • Database Improvements – incorporated an in-memory database cache in the server processes to reduce the amount of contention on the production databases when under stress. 
    • Intermittent Load Screens – Identified two bugs causing this problem: a bug with streaming scaled assets switching between two models and another bug triggered by a high view distance is selected.

Update 27 Combat Preview was posted separately.

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