The Elder Scrolls: Legends Development Put On Hold

Say What?
Overheard in Tamriel

Today, there were numerous reports about the end of The Elder Scrolls Legends. Several sources like IGN cite an official Bethesda post on the Legends sub-reddit as their source.

We would like to provide an update on Legends in regard to new content. Our previous roadmap indicated we would be releasing one more set this year. We decided to put any new content development or releases on hold for the foreseeable future. This decision will not in any way affect the release and development of GAEA’s Asia-specific version of Legends, which is operated separately, but will inform our decisions on content and feature development going forward…

To thank you all for supporting Legends these past few years, and for continuing to play with us, we are giving away The Tamriel Collection – an assortment of new, three-attribute cards and more – to all players for free upon their next login


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