ESO Master Writ Quest Assistance Debuts with Update 30

When it comes to sealed writs, PC players have it good with all the helpful addons to automate a lot of the work.

However, console players are not so lucky and trying to do groups of sealed writs at once feels like trying to climb an impassable mountain.

However, there is a quality of life crafting feature to help players do sealed writs without addons.

Guides TLDR? Check out this 4 minute YouTube video

Why do we care about Sealed Writs?

Before we begin, let’s explain why we are interested in sealed writs.

Sealed writs are rare rewards from doing top-tier crafting dailies. When you complete them, you get some gold, the quantity of vouchers listed on the sealed writ, and experience points. 

These vouchers can be spent at the mastercrafter vendors, Rolis and his assistant Faustina. From their shops in the capital cities, they offer a collection of furniture recipes, storage chests, and crafting furniture. 

If you would like to know more about sealed writs, I recommend you check out my video “XP: Not all Sealed Writs are Equal” that explains sealed writs in more detail and includes ways to increase their drop rates. (see link below).

Overview of the New Master Writ Quest Assistance Feature

Now, let’s talk about the Master Writ Quest Assistance feature.  This feature was Introduced in Update 30, Blackwood and offers the following quality of life improvements

Update 30 Patch Notes


  1. When you have a Master Writ Quest active, the quest will guide you towards a Crafting Station in the world that makes the Writ’s requested Item Set, just like any other quest’s objective.
  2. It will also place a quest pin over the needed Crafting Station when you are in close proximity – this is amazing if you have access to a house with all the attuned crafting stations.

At present, this applies to all Set Crafting Stations placed in player houses, and some Set Crafting Stations found in the world; the remaining in-world Set Crafting Stations will be added in a future patch.

This feature only works with active sealed writ quests in your journal. It does not help you with the other sealed writs in your inventory.

Journal Changes

Alright, enough talking. Let’s see the new feature in action. In this video, I demonstrate the Gamepad UI. However, the keyboard UI is very similar.

First, let’s look at the journal.  Like other quests, you can select the ‘Show on Map’ option for the sealed writ quests.

However, as we will see, the maps will only appear for equipment writs requiring a specific crafting set.

The game appears to have default locations for each crafting set and they appear to be independent of your character’s faction.

As you would expect, only blacksmithing, clothing, jewelry, and woodworking sealed writs will display a map when you click the “Show on Map’ button / key.

Now, let’s look at the second element of the new feature: quest pins over crafting furniture.

In my opinion, this is where this feature truly shines. 

Not only does it put a pin over the crafting station but it also puts it on your compass so you can quickly find the stations.

Fortunately, all of your sealed equipment quests in your journal will display pins over their respective stations.  Heh, it would have been very tedious if you had to make each one active to see the pins. 

Did you notice that the UI showed the quest pins on the compass before I even entered the villa?

Overall, I think this is a great addition to the game and I hope it will encourage more console players to take advantage of the benefits of doing sealed crafting writs. 

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