ESO Matt Firor Provides PvP update on Official Forums

A one page Player vs Player (PvP) update was posted to the official forums Wednesday. This post follows a similar update on Battlegrounds based on a review of data collected over the Winter Break.

Here are the key notes

  • ZOS (Zenimax Online Services) conducted a series of successful tests to collect PvP data over the last year.
  • Similar to client-side improvements like multithreaded rendering to improve frame rates, they will be looking to rearchitect their servers to dramatically improve performance.
  • He cautions it will take time as they will be testing and evaluated as they along.
  • Plans were developed in the last four months and the work has started.
  • Estimates project that this work will take most of 2022.
  • In the meantime, Matt hints at potential special rulesets or weekend events to keep Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds interesting and exciting.
  • They will focus on bug fixes affecting combat and will not be adding any new features to PvP until this work is complete.
  • Matt thanks everyone for their patience.

You can read the post in its entirety and join the discussion using the link below. There is also a German version available at this time.


Here are the keynotes of the Battleground discussion

  • ZOS thanked everyone who participated in the battleground queue tests over the past few months.
  • The addition of Deathmatch-only quests did not significantly affect Battlegrounds participation and population.
  • They will not be implementing additional queue options out of fear it would splinter the Battlegrounds population too much and lead to longer queue times.
  • They will be removing the Deathmatch-only queue option.
  • Starting Update 33, the default Battleground options will be Solo Random.
    • Solo queue will only include players that queued solo.
    • Group queue will take solo, duo, trio, and full groups of players.

You can view the original post and join the discussion using the link below.

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