ESO Matt Firor Addresses Update 33 Issues

On Friday, Zenimax Online’s Matt Firor posted an update on the recent issues experienced on PC when Update 33 went live earlier this month.

The post is lengthy but explains the issues, offers reassurances that they have found the root cause [finally], and outlines how they will compensate the players.

Here’s a quick summary

  • Discussed last year’s plan to increase ESO’s stability and performance.
    • The player databases were getting too big and creating a bottleneck.
    • One of the major items was to split the character database into two (active characters and inactive characters) called database sharding.
  • Errors were made
    • Underestimated the impact of the bugs introduced with Update 33
    • Proceeded with DB Sharding without addressing the Activity Finder issues.
  • “[It] hit the fan” when DB Sharding was turned on.
    • Zoning slower, Activity Finder completely failed, etc. etc.
  • Issue was determined to be a failed network port.
  • To compensate players for lost time and progress
    • giving out five 150% Experience Scrolls on the first day of April through the Daily Login Rewards calendar
    • will be tripling the number of Weekly Endeavor Seals the week of April 4th for players on all ESO platforms.




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