ESO March Game Performance Improvements Update

The official announcement has been posted. Here is a summarized mobile-friendly version of what you need to know.


Q2 2020: Update 26

  • Server Optimization & Stability
    • Non-combat Pets: work better, more efficiently, and take up less overhead/resources on the server.
    • Player Character Loading: We are making the player character loading process multi-threaded on the server to improve performance.
  • Client Optimization & Stability (previously named – Frame rate improvements phase 2)
    • Multi-threaded Fixture Creation on the Client: This work centers around how art assets are constructed and drawn on the client, ultimately spreading this work out over multiple cores.
    • Fixture Creation: This work is complete and on track to release with Update 26.
    • Character Update: This work centers around how characters are drawn on the client, spreading work out over multiple cores.
    • FX Update: This work is complete and on track to release with Update 26.
  • Behind-the-scenes Combat Ability Improvements Phase 3
    • AoE Ability Performance on the Server: Note: The overall player experience for these abilities (damage/functionality) should not change.

Q3 2020: Update 27

  • Server Optimization & Stability
    • Database Caching
    • Database Worker Optimizations
    • Account Database “Cold Storage”: This work is scheduled to start after the Database Caching work and has been shifted out to Update 28 or Update 29 based on how the Database Caching goes.
  • Client Optimization & Stability
    • Critical Memory Improvements: This work will improve how the client handles high memory situations, better managing and prioritizing the most important elements in a scene.

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