ESO March 2020 Crown Store Showcase Details Announced

Show your silly side and prepare for a certain frivolous festival with a host of new and returning Crown Store items in March.

This month features some popular returning items from Jester’s Festival (including the Jester and Drunk Personalities), Slimecraw Motif Style, and new items with the launch of the Harrowstorm DLC later this month.

Did you know that all these items can be viewed on my ESO Calendar for an at-a-glance view.?

ESO Plus Deals

  • The Auri-El and Xarxes Statuette (Free Exclusive)
  • The Elder Scrolls Artifact: Chrysamere Outfit style
  • The Cadwell’s Kitchen Style Pack Outfit style
  • The Breton Hero Armor costume
  • The Camlorn Top Hat Pack
  • The Jester’s Festival Hat Pack
  • The Drunk Personality
  • The Jester Personality
  • The Malacath’s Chosen Furnishing Pack
  • The Masqued “Unicorn” Steed
  • The Madcap Jester Monkey 

Crown Gem Exclusive

  • None


  • The Shield of Senchal Crown Crafting Motif will be available in the Crown Store on all platforms starting on March 18 at 10am EDT. Players can also earn chapters of this Motif in-game at the same time by completing daily quests for Bruccius Baenius and Guybert Flaubert in Senchal’s Merchants Square in Southern Elsweyr.
  • The Elder Scrolls Artifact: Chrysamere Outfit style
  • The Slimecraw Arms Pack
  • Slimecraw Mask Style Page will have a chance to drop from the final boss in the Veteran Wayrest Sewers I dungeon. The Slimecraw Shoulder Style Page will have a chance to drop from Maj’s Mystery Coffer, or for purchase directly for 50 Undaunted Keys, available from Maj al-Ragath.

Crown Crates

  • No new crates.


  • No new emotes.


  • Jester’s Festival
  • The Harrowstorm DLC Launch


  • The Harrowstorm DLC game pack will be available in the Crown Store on PC/Mac in late February and on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 in early March. Watch for launch date details later this month!
  • The new Harrowstorm Collector’s Bundle
  • The Pyre Watch Jackal mount 
  • The Hallin’s Jackal pet
  • The Murkmire Collector’s Bundle
  • The Plum Swamp Jelly Pet 


  • The Mad Harlequin’s Reverie Music Box
  • The Malacath’s Chosen Furnishing Pack


  • The Forgemaster Falls 


  • The Khaj Necromancer’s Steed
  • The Nightmare Stick Horse  


  • The Frost Atronach Ponypet
  • The Hallin’s Jackal pet 
  • The Madcap Jester Monkey


The following items will be retired from the Crown Store on all platforms on March 19 at 10am EDT.

Outfit Styles

  • Ancient Dragon Hunter Armor Pack
  • Ancient Dragon Hunter Arms Pack
  • Elder Dragon Hunter Armor Pack
  • Elder Dragon Hunter Arms Pack


  • Auroran Knight


  • Elder Dragon Hunter Horse


  • Elder Dragon Hunter Wolf Pup

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