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What does the Luxury Furnisher offer this week?

The Luxury Furnisher Vendor (Zanil Theran) is located north of the bank in the Hollow City, Coldharbour.

  • Alik’r Cactus 2,000g
  • Garlas Alpinia, Branching 2,000g
  • Fern, Woody Slough 3,000g
  • White Hosta 3,000g
  • Buckthorn 4,000g
  • Mushroom, Tufted Cap 4,000g
  • Plant, Flytrap 4,000g
  • Mushroom, Twisted Tufted Cap 4,500g
  • Palm, Blooming Tropical 4,500g
  • Void Flower 5,000g

You can obtain several similar ferns from general housing vendors across Tamriel for a much lower price.

  • Fern Plant, Healthy 100g (Mournhold)
  • Ferns, Mountain Cluster 1,000g (Fort Amol, Eastmarch)
  • Fern Plant, Green Curly 100g (Daggerfall)
  • Fern Plant, Vibrant 100g (Marbruk, Greenshade)
  • Fern, Healthy Green 100g (Marbruk, Greenshade)
  • Fern, Lush 100g (Marbruk, Greenshade)
  • Fern, Young Healthy 100g (Marbruk, Greenshade)
  • Fern Cluster, Healthy 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern Cluster, Healthy 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern Fronds, Sungurnt 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern Plant, Green Curly 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern Plant, Sturdy Mature 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern, Buddy Forest 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern, Low Red 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern Plant, Hardy 100g (Rawl’kha)
  • Fern Plant, Sturdy Towering 100g (Rawl’kha)
  • Fern, Fragile 100g (Rawl’kha)
  • Fern, Withering 100g (Rawl’kha)
  • Fern, Young Sunburnt 100g (Rawl’kha)
  • Fern, Dead 100g (Riften)
  • Fern, Sting-Vine 100g (Solitude)

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