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What does the Luxury Furnisher offer this week?

The Luxury Furnisher Vendor (Zanil Theran) is located north of the bank in the Hollow City, Coldharbour and the Belkarth Festival Grounds in Craglorn.

  • Hew’s Bane Merchant’s Basket 2,500g
  • Redguard Archway, Brass 3,000g
  • Hew’s Bane Lantern, 5,000g
  • Redguard Vase, Golden 5,000g 
  • Redguard Urn, Wrapped Golden 12,000g
  • Ra Gada Funerary Statue, Miniature Ibis 15,000g
  • Hew’s Bane Bed, Royal 20,000g
  • Yokudan Sarcophagus Base, Gilded 25,0000g
  • Yokudan Sarcophagus Lid, Gilded 35,0000g
  • Redguard Tent, Rounded Silk 100,000g

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