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What does the Luxury Furnisher offer this week?

The Luxury Furnisher Vendor (Zanil Theran) is located north of the bank in the Hollow City, Coldharbour and the Belkarth Festival Grounds in Craglorn.

  • Bloodmage Crystal, Oblong 4,000g
  • Glass Crystal, Opaque Cluster 4,500g
  • Blue Flame Brazier 5,000g
  • Blue Crystal Spire 12,000g
  • Blue Crystal Spire, Large 18,000g
  • Geode, Citrine 20,000g
  • Geode, Green Garnet 20,000g
  • Soul Gem, Great 20,000g
  • Khajiit Path Marker, Lion 75,000g

There are 3 similar Khajiiti statues.
Guardian Mane (Hero of Falinesti – Grahtwood, Redfur Trading Post) 15,000g
Khajiit Shrine Guardian Statue (Tow Moons Pathwalker – Reaper’s March, Rawl’kha) 20,000g
Elsweyr Statue Shrine Lion (craftable, Elsweyr Furnishing Folio)

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About the Vendor

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