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What does the Luxury Furnisher offer this week?

The Luxury Furnisher Vendor (Zanil Theran) is located north of the bank in the Hollow City, Coldharbour and the Belkarth Festival Grounds in Craglorn.

  • Alik’r Cactus 2,000g
  • Garlas Alpinia, Branching 2,000g
  • Fern, Woody Slough 3,000g
  • White Hosta 3,000g
  • Buckthorn 4,000g
  • Mushroom, Tufted Cap 4,000g
  • Plant, Flytrap 4,000g
  • Mushroom, Twisted Tufted Cap 4,500g
  • Palm, Blooming Tropical 4,500g
  • Void Flower 5,000g

You can obtain several similar ferns from general housing vendors across Tamriel for a much lower price.

  • Fern Plant, Healthy 100g (Mournhold)
  • Ferns, Mountain Cluster 1,000g (Fort Amol, Eastmarch)
  • Fern Plant, Green Curly 100g (Daggerfall)
  • Fern Plant, Vibrant 100g (Marbruk, Greenshade)
  • Fern, Healthy Green 100g (Marbruk, Greenshade)
  • Fern, Lush 100g (Marbruk, Greenshade)
  • Fern, Young Healthy 100g (Marbruk, Greenshade)
  • Fern Cluster, Healthy 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern Cluster, Healthy 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern Fronds, Sungurnt 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern Plant, Green Curly 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern Plant, Sturdy Mature 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern, Buddy Forest 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern, Low Red 100g (Vulkenwasten, Malabal Tor)
  • Fern Plant, Hardy 100g (Rawl’kha)
  • Fern Plant, Sturdy Towering 100g (Rawl’kha)
  • Fern, Fragile 100g (Rawl’kha)
  • Fern, Withering 100g (Rawl’kha)
  • Fern, Young Sunburnt 100g (Rawl’kha)
  • Fern, Dead 100g (Riften)
  • Fern, Sting-Vine 100g (Solitude)

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