ESO ICYMI: DLC Announcment / Special ESOLive

Wow,there has been a lot of Elder Scrolls Online news this week. Here is a mobile-friendly recap of what you need to know and links to timestamps of when items are being discussed.

Dark Heart of Skyrim: Markarth

Links will take you to that location in the YouTube video.

  1. Opening Remarks – Matt Firor (0:18)
  2. Opening Remarks – Rich Lambert (1:20)
    1. 16 Million Elder Scrolls Players
    2. Recap of the Year of the Dark Heart of Skyrim
    3. Launch date announcement
      1. PC | MAC | Stadia – November 2
      2. XboxOne PS4 – November 10
    4. Highlights of the past year (2:46)
    5. DLC introduction including inhabitants, customs, and villians by Lead Writer Bill Slavicsek and Senior Content Designer Janet Priblow (4:07)
    6. Markarth Preview with Art Director CJ Grebb and Loremaster Leamon Tuttle including concept art (10:35)
    7. Other DLC highlights Rich Lambert (15:25)
      1. 10 hours of new content
      2. new solo arena
    8. Sneak Peak (15:48)
    9. Prologue quest now available (16:22)
    10. Lost Treasure of Skyrim Event reveal (16:55)
      1. Antiquities
      2. More treasures found and in-game rewards
        1. Body Markings, Pet, House with House Guest
      3. Community progress tracking website.
    11. Video Recap of all announcements (18:43)
    12. Bloopers / Outtakes (21:03)


Links will take you to that location in the Twitch VOD video.

  1. Announcement Recap (0:03:15)
    1. DLC Launch Dates
    2. Story DLC
      1. About same size as Murkmire and Dragonhold
      2. ~10 hours of content
      3. 2 Delves, 2 World Bosses, and 1 Solo Arena
      4. Special main questline will unlock if you have completed previous Year of Dark Heart of Skyrim quest lines.
      5. Included with ESO+.
      6. PTS on September 21st
      7. Prologue quest now available
      8. Community Event: Lost Treasures of Skyrim
      9. Tamriel Together year-end (details to follow)
      10. Guild-based event teaser in October / November (0:08:05)
  2. Arena Walkthrough (Vateshran Hollows) with Lead Encounter Designer Mike Finnigan (0:08:21)
  3. Items and Collectibles with Lead Gameplay Designer Rob Garrett (0:43:27)
    1. 17 new item sets (Overland, Crafted, Arena, and 2 Mythic Items)
    2. 20 new antiquities (0:47:20)
      1. Upgrade to the Reach Motif
      2. New pet
      3. Cosmetic head item
      4. Furnishings
      5. 2 Mythic items
    3. Housing discussion with screenshots (0:49:34)
      1. New Houses
        1. Houses will appear in crown store after Update 28
        2. Available on PTS
        3. Stone Eagle Aerie.
        4. Shalidor’s Shrouded Realm
      2. 100 new furnishings
        1. Achievements
        2. Crown Store
        3. Crafted (~40)
        4. Dwemer “Markarth” Style
        5. Music boxes
          1. After Update 28
        6. House Guests (0:53:14)
          1. 3 more after Update 28
        7. Housing pathing
          1. Toggle for snap to terrain issue.
        8. Collectibles and cosmetics
          1. Most part of the Markarth DLC
          2. Crazy Reachman PvP Emote
  4. Update 28 with Lead Gameplay Designer Rob Garrett (0:58:05)
    1. Combat Preview post on the forums
      1. Major and Minor system revisited
      2. New “Brittle” Debuff
      3. Critical Hit and Penetration Systems revisited (1:00:25)
        1. Weapon or Spell Critical merged into “Critical Chance”
        2. All sources of critical reviewed
        3. Penetration will be combined.
      4. Frost Staff changes (1:02:09)
        1. Destructive Clench morph would aggro enemies before dealing damage.
      5. More about Brittle with special Frost Staff (1:04:00)
      6. Battleground Queue changes (1:06:48)
        1. Solo queue only tested.
        2. Group queue to be added back however, solo players would play with other Solo Players.
        3. Removed ability to choose game type to keep queue times down and avoid player fragmentation.
        4. Not a permanent change.
        5. Goal to keep it friendly and fair.
      7. User Interface changes (1:11:17)
        1. Crafting Writ UI changes
          1. Adding outstanding crafting writs will appear at crafting table on left (PC) or right (Gamepad) of screen (“Quest” Box)
          2. Filter for Quest only in addition to “Have Item”, and “Have Materials”.
          3. Also applies for active sealed writs too.
        2. New subcategories to inventory sections.
        3. New filters on bank, guild bank, and inventory. (1:14:07)
        4. Item Set Collection AKA “Sticker Book” (1:15:23)
          1. Over 500 items sets in ESO
          2. Players want to hoard them to avoid farming sets after rebalancing activities.
          3. Items bound to your character will be added to collection.
          4. May have to login to every character to move items to collection.
          5. Also serves as a lookup reference tool using new text filters
          6. Account-based
          7. Can sell, deconstruct, delete item once the item is in collection.
            1. Standard deconstruction material recovery.
          8. Use transmutation station to recreate when wanted (1:21:49)
            1. Need crafting skills
            2. Improvement items and Transmute crystals.
            3. Can only construct items with qualities available items
            4. When you deconstruct a reconstructed items, you get the transmutation crystals back.
          9. Cost of Transmutation Crystals can be reduced by learning more items in the set. (subject to change).
          10. Does not apply to crafted items.
          11. Increasing the limit of Transmutation Crystals.
          12. Tweaks to Transmutation Crystal sourcing (mostly PvP)
  5. Lost Treasures of Skyrim (1:30:15)
    1. Full article available on website.
      1. Tier 1: Horror Within Face and Body Markings
      2. Tier 2: Orchidfall Vale Fawn Pet
      3. Tier 3: Antiquarian’s Alpine Gallery home AND Antiquarian Phedre Houseguest
    2. Tracking page
  6. Wrap up
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