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ESO The Ties That Bind

The Shade of Ulthorn offered to lead me to Captain Trelano, who is being held by a Daedra named Gamekeeper Ozzai. Three barriers lie betweens us. With luck, he’ll survive long enough for us to reach him.ties-that-bind-final-encounter

First Barrier

Clue: “In life, I laughed. Some say I was mischievous. An impractical present for a practical woman seemed irresistible witty.”

Scroll: “I’ll take the skull and fashion a token of my affection.”

Bone Amulet.

Second Barrier

Clue: When my love left to become the Green Lady, she left something behind. I kept it to remind myself of our time together. Of what could have been.

Scroll – “She would put down her bow forever”


Final Barrier

Clue: In my darkest hour, I prayed to every god and creature on Nirn. I was desperate. I needed a way to change what was. Change the story of the Bosmer.

Scroll – “I must not falter…With it, I will forge a new way, an new story”

Totem of Hircine


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