ESO Guide: Mail System

In this guide, we discuss the in-game mail system.


  1. Accessing In-game Mail
  2. The Mail UI
  3. Mail Timers
  4. Where the [bleep] is my mail?

Accessing In-Game Mail

There are several ways you can access in-game mail.

Using the Keyboard and Mouse UI on PC, you can access mail by using the player menu ([ALT] key) to select the mail icon (closed envelope) or hit the [‘] (apostrophe) key. You can change the keybind in the settings.

Player Menu accessed by hitting the [ALT] Key – PC
Change your Mail Bind key (Default [‘]) in the Settings > Control > User Interface > Mail

The Mail UI (User Interface)

The Mail UI displayed will depend on your platform or UI preference: Keyboard/Mouse, Gamepad, or Accessibility Mode. Regardless of UI type, there are two functions of the Mail UI: Inbox and Send.

The mail UI display is limited to seventy-two messages (72). Once you reach this limit, Other players attempting to send you mail will get a “recipients mailbox is full.”.


The inbox is where all the mail you are sent is displayed. There are three sections: Player Mail, System Mail, and System Alerts.

Player Mail

You guessed it. This section contains mail sent from other players.

System Mail

This section contains system generated mail. The most common are Hireling messages and special rewards messages (e.g. Rewards of the Worthy). Messages from customer support will also appear in this category.

System Mail is sorted based on expiration with the soonest-to-expire message displayed at the top.

System Alerts

This section contains system generated alert messages like Guild Trader Activities (Items Purchased, Items Sold, etc.).

System Alerts are sorted based on expiration with the soonest-to-expire message displayed at the top.

Take All

Retrieve attachments effortlessly with the Take all feature.

  • This button claims all attachments from all mail in the current active category (Player Mail or System Mail).
  • Mail is processed based on the currently sorted order and starts with the mail soonest to expire.
    • Note that Player Mail and System Mail have different sorting rules, explained above.
    • COD Player Mail and Customer Support mail are not affected by “Take All”.
  • If an attachment is unable to be claimed for any reason, such as unavailable inventory space, the process halts and no further attachments are claimed.
  • Note the “Delete After Claim” option, if enabled, applies to every System Mail affected by “Take All” that no longer has an attachment.
PC/Mac Patch Notes – v10.0.5


The send function is used to send mail to other players. You can use account name / gamertag or character name. Sending items will incur an additional postage cost. The postage cost is based on the value of the items and the COD (Cash on Delivery) price.

There is an attachment limit of six (6) items.

Mail Timers

There are several categories of mail timers based on two triggers (login and sent). The table below summarizes the timers

Player mail29 daysMail Sent
Customer Support29 daysMail Sent
Information-only System Mail7 daysLogin / Retrieved
Hireling Mail7 daysLogin / Retrieved
Activity Finder Rewards7 daysLogin / Retrieved
Rewards for the Worthy7 daysLogin / Retrieved
Guild Trader Purchases7 daysMail Sent
Guild Trader Sales/Expirations
Note: Trader Items are listed for 14 days then returned to player. Timer begins when item returned.
14 daysMail Sent
Weekly Leaderboard Rewards14 daysLogin / Retrieved
Promotional rewards, such as Twitch Drops 14 days to a maximum of 180 dayLogin / Retrieved
Mail with rewards generated by direct purchases made outside the game, such as Chapters and the Newcomer Pack,Never expire.Not Applicable
Reflects changes made in Update 42

Where the [bleep] is my mail?

In many cases, mail delivery is instantaneous. If not, try zoning to a new area. This can include entering / exiting an outlaws refuge. The most common cause of missing system generated email is that your mailbox is full (> 72 messages).

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