ESO Glitch Lead to Bans and Exploits

Recently, it was discovered that there was a glitch in the Endeavor system resulting in some players intentionally and unintentionally collecting more Seals of Endeavors than they should.

Here’s the official thread on the forums

Hi everyone, before the weekend starts, we want to provide an update on the current issue where daily Endeavors are sometimes resetting more often than intended. We are aware this is happening, and we are currently investigating solutions for this. While the investigation continues, we would like to remind everyone they should not exploit this issue. While we understand some people will unknowingly run into this through normal play, we will be monitoring and banning those who take extreme advantage and exploit it. Once we have additional information on a fix, we’ll follow up on those next steps. Thank you for your understanding here.

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Hi all. Just wanted to follow up here based on some of the feedback. Our intention with highlighting the Endeavor reset issue is to be proactive with the community, noting we are aware of the issue and working toward a solution.

We do not expect players to be monitoring their endeavors in fear of accidentally encountering the exploit, and we’d like to highlight the Endeavor resetting is not a widespread issue and is pretty rare to trigger. In addition, we have a better understanding of the issue and have set up systems on our side to see when someone is specifically exploiting. So if you accidentally run into the issue, you don’t need to worry about having your account actioned.

We are not looking to punish anyone who accidentally stumbles into this, but rather inform the community about an issue we discovered and warn that we will take action on those who take extreme advantage of it (which, again, is not accidental.) We hope this helps to clear up any concerns here. Thanks for your patience and understanding regarding this.

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