ESO Crafting Writ Statistics

There are a lot of in the Elder Scrolls Online community that preach the importance of doing your writs to make money in ESO. If you like statistics, check out tmbrinks’ post on the official forums.

So, I was beginning to track the rewards that were dropping for me from doing my writs daily. I do writs on 27 characters a day (36 of them now!!), so I felt like I would have enough data to over ride any “noise” that was in the data from random RNG. I was initially tracking it on a spreadsheet, when I began to talk to a friend who writs add-ons, at the possibility of creating an add-on to track the drops of each. This led me to be searching the ESOUI add-ons, and come to find out, that Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter (BEST ADD-ON EVER FOR DOING WRITS!!!! Love you @Dolgubon ) has been tracking this information for me for a while now. I just had to parse it out of the output that it gives me in chat. So I took the data and plugged it into Google Sheets to come up with some data about the drop rates of the major rewards from doing crafting writs.



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