ESO Changes Coming to Launcher

ESO planning to release a new space efficient launcher with User Interface updates including new keyboard and gamepad navigation support, and more.

The new beta launcher is currently available for testing using the PTS (Public Test Server). Note: If you install the new launcher for testing, you will have to revert it back (downgrade it) to be able to play on the Live servers again.


  • Improved Patching
    • faster, more efficient with fewer patching steps.
    • attempt to be better at self-repairing (catch invalid file issues and offer to repair them).
    • Obsolete Filch Checker option to check and remove unneeded files.
  • Improved Error reporting and Logging
    • Log File Locator in settings menu and access to log file (records installs, patches, and errors)
    • Error messaging presents clearer details on internal launcher issues
  • UI Improvements
    • Visual changes on the loading bar
      • Disk speed, network speed, and single progress bar.
      • Resolution scaling, including 4k support
      • Improved news feed design, including larger fonts
      • new accessibility settings menu
      • setting to change the launcher’s text size

More Information

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