ESO Another Motif Mistake Repeats with Jubiliee

Crafters complain in the forums as another crafting motif and crafting achievement can no longer be earned without using tickets.

In order to make the Impresario’s offerings manageable, The Elder Scrolls Online will move some previous event items to a “curated” random drop box. However, crafters cried foul when the Hollowjack motif was moved to the random drop and made it near impossible for crafting missing chapters to obtain them or complete the motif achievement. Any items sold be the vendor is bound on pickup and can not be sold. Eventually, The Elder Scrolls Online fixed the loot table and motifs returned to the drop boxes.
Crafters were surprised this week when the Worm Cult Motif pages were moved to the “curated” random drop boxes (Bag of Jubilee Yesteryear). This lead to many to *facepalm* and head to the forums to complain.

The official reply from the developer is shown below.

The choice to rotate Worm Cult to a grab bag is in an effort to better manage the drop table for motifs and give a better chance at obtaining the pages through the usage of excess tickets. That being said, we have passed along your feedback to the appropriate teams to see how this can be addressed for next year’s event.

ZOS, Official Forums
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