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ESO Alchemy Reagents, Solvents, and Recipes

When discussing the topic of Alchemy, the old phrase “what does not kill you, makes you stronger” comes to mind.  After downing a dreadfully tasting potion and feeling it burn your innards on the way down, a powerful effect is required to make it worth it.


Alchemy plant
Unlock the power of plants and mushrooms.

This tome reveals the mysteries of alchemy. Alchemy can save money by crafting your own and bypassing the middleman, potions can last longer by unlocking the “Medicinal Use” passive. Ability slots can be freed up by replacing ability effects with potion equivalents. Completionist can unlock more achievement points by completing the alchemy achievement points. Selling potions can be profitable. The solvent determines the level of the potion and reagents can be found all over Tamriel and Obilivion. The intial trait can be determined by using the raw reagent but making potions with other reagents will identify those with compatible traits.  Finally, a list of popular beginner recipes is also provided.

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  1. Why Alchemy?
  2. How to Craft Alchemy Potions?
  3. Where to Get Materials?
  4. Solvents
    1. Potions
    2. Poisons
  5. Reagents
  6. Popular Recipes

Why Alchemy?

There are a few good reasons to learn alchemy.

  • Alchemy can reduce the cost of potions by making your own.
  • Potions can last longer if you unlock the “Medicinal Use” passive in the alchemy skill line.
  • Free up slots on your ability bar by using the effects on potions instead of ability ones (eg. weapon/spell critical, weapon damage, detection).
  • Unlock alchemy achievement points
  • Selling high level potions can be profitable.


How to Craft Alchemy Potions?

Alchemist Guild Logo
Alchemist Guild Logo

In order to make potions, crafter need only have access to an Alchemy table, the skill to handle the solvent(s, and ) some compatible reagents. The tables are found in most towns in the Alchemy shop and/or often in the Mages’ Guilds.

All inhabitants of Tamriel have knowledge of the most basic solvents (Natural Water and Clear Water) but the more advanced ones can be unlocked with some training (Solvent Proficiency). The solvents determine the “level” of the potion.

Each reagents have four effects (traits).  However, a successful potion can only be made from at least two reagents with a minimum of one compatible effect (trait).  Some reagents have side effects that may negate a positive effect of another. For example, ravage health effect will eliminate a restore heal effect.

A more experience crafter will be able to make batches of up to four potions at a time by perfecting their chemistry knowledge. Three reagent potions can be unlocked with becoming more familiar with laboratory use.


Where to Get Materials?

Reagents and solvents can be found all over Tamriel and on some planes of Oblivion. They often blend into their surrounding, but a special skill can be learned to heighten your awareness of the presence of materials nearby (Keen Eye: Reagents). Most reagents appear as plants and mushrooms. Other reagents are harvested from the corpses of various creatures.  Solvents are found in bodies of water at sources of “pure water” and in various containers located in camps, ruins, and inhabited areas (backpacks , urns, vases, and water skins). Oils are found off the bodies of creatures. For example, I found some on some daedra at a random spawn.



Solvents determine the level of the potion. When doing Alchemy Writs, the following tables will help determining the solvent required. Eg. Sip of Health would require a Natural Water as a solvent.  The first table is for potions, the other poisons.

Alchemy Solvents

Standard SolventsSolvent PotencyLevelPotion Prefix
 Natural Water 13 Sip
 Clear Water 110 Tincture
 Pristine Water 220 Dram
 Cleansed Water 330 Potion
 Filtered Water 440 Solution
 Purified Water 550 Elixir
Cloud Mist 6CP50 Panacea
Star Dew 7CP100Distillate
Lorkhan’s Tears8CP150Essence


Poison-Making Oils

Poison SolventsSolvent PotencyLevelPoison Rank
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