ESO Account-Wide Achievements FAQ Available

Many Elder Scrolls Online Achievements will shift from character-based to account based. Frequently Asked Question document was recently posted on the forums.


Zenimax Online Studios cited to reasons for the change. The first, the often requested feature gives players more freedom to explore the world on any character without fear of missing out on getting achievements. The second reason, improved database stability and performance.


  • completed achievements will display the name of the character that first completed the achievement and the date.
  • titles will be account-wide because the are granted via the achievement system.
  • no opt-out provision
  • alliance war rank skill points will remain character-based.
  • progress on multiple character will combine to contribute to progress.
    • includes skyshard achievements.
    • the character that completes the achievement will get credit.
  • total kill achievements will be combined.
  • bugged achievements on some characters may be fixed.
    • recommendation is to submit bug report
  • progress is not lost if character is deleted
    • account-wide achievement progress copied to database
    • only character-based achievements are lost.
  • museum-based achievement will remain character-based.
  • backup of the original database will be kept in case they have to revert changes.


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