Crown Store Sale: Assistants

Assistants have only been on sale once previously: February 2019 (15% Discount)

If you picked up some crowns during the crown sale, Zenimax is making it easier to pick up two popular player wish list items: Banker and the Merchant Assistants.

About the Assistants

  1. The assistants offer different immersion experiences (appearance and dialog) but the services offered are the same for each type.
  2. These assistants offer limited services to the player and members of their group.
    1. The banker does not provide access to Guild Bank or Guild Traders.
    2. The merchant does not provide repair services.
  3. If you play on both megaservers, the assistants are not cross-server. E.g. If you buy on PC NA, they are not accessible on PC EU on the same account.
  4. The vendors rarely go on sale. Last sale was February 2019 for 15% off.
  5. Often distract group mates during dungeon runs and some players are more triggered than others. I recommend dismissing them between battles.
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