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Alchemy Writs 101: Solution of Ravage Stamina

Ravage Stamina
Solution of Ravage Stamina Tooltip

Solution of Ravage Stamina is one of several items requested for mid-tier alchemy crafting writs.

To make it, you will need Filtered Water and one of the combination of reagents listed below

  • Luminous Russula, FleshFly Larva
  • Emetic Russula, Luminous Russula
  • Emetic Russula, FleshFly Larva
  • Imp Stool, FleshFly Larva
  • Emetic Russula, Imp Stool
  • Luminous Russula, Imp Stool
  • Stinkhorn, Imp Stool
  • Stinkhorn, Luminous Russula
  • Stinkhorn, FleshFly Larva

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