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ESOTU Getting Around Without Wayshrines

Fast travel using the state-of-the-art Wayshrines is fine and dandy until you need to boldly go where you have not been before.  However do not fear, there is an alternate fast travel system called the “Navigators”.   Navigators will take you to your destination by boat, cart, or both.

Tip:  Check your friend, group, and/or guild lists for players in your desired destination zone to travel to It's the quickest and easiest alternative to not having the wayshrine unlock and it is free to travel to them. However, it may be unpredictable which wayshrine they will be at within the zone.

The Navigators allow you to move to bordering regions within your faction or a “sister” region in the other two factions. For example,  you can travel between the starter towns (Daggerfall-Davon’s Watch-Vulhel Guard).

Faction Travel

Shown below are the faction navigator and boatswain routes. Red are Ebonheart Pact routes. Blue are Covenant routes. Finally, Yellow are Dominion routes.

Intra-Faction, Craglorn, and DLC’s.
Click to Enlarge

Inter-Faction Travel

Shown below are the “sister” zones associated with each zone. Orange are Dominion and Pact routes.  Purple are Covenant and Pact routes.  Finally, Green are Covenant and Dominion routes.

Inter-Faction Routes Click to Enlarge

All Base Game Routes

The map below shows all of the base game routes but not in a lore-friendly format.

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Morrowind Routes

This map below shows all of the Vvardenfell routes (Navigators and Caravaners) but not in a lore-friendly format.

Spoiler: Once Bleakrock Isle story is complete, the navigator to Vvardenfell will be gone.

Town Maps

More maps will be added soon(tm)
Daggerfall, Glenumbra (Click to Enlarge)
Elden Root, Grahtwood (Click to Enlarge)
Evermore, Bangkorai (Click to Enlarge)
Mournhold, Deshaan (Click to Enlarge)
Rawl’kha, Reaper’s March (Click to Enlarge)
Riften, The Rift (Click to Enlarge)
Sentinel, Alik’r Desert (Click to Enlarge)
Shornhelm, Rivenspire (Click to Enlarge)
Stonetooth Fortress, Betnikh (Click to Enlarge)
Stormhold, Shadowfen (Click to Enlarge)
Vulkhel Guard, Auridon (Click to Enlarge)
Vulkwasten, Malabal Tor (Click to Enlarge)
Wayrest, Stormhaven (Click to Enlarge)
Windhelm, Eastmarch (Click to Enlarge)
Woodhearth, Greenshade (Click to Enlarge)

4 thoughts on “ESOTU Getting Around Without Wayshrines”

  1. Awesome article for a player just minted from recent free play weekend. A way of designating whether individual routes are over land or over sea routes would help us new comers know to go dockside or hunt around town. Maybe something like solid and dashed lines.

    1. I’ll be adding mini-maps for the towns listed. It was suggested on Reddit and I’ve screenshotted the town maps but haven’t made web-friendly versions yet.

      Generally speaking the only difference between overland and sea is that some towns like Elden Root have cart icons instead of anchor icons. If you hover over the icons, the tooltip will indicate which routes the Navigator offers.

  2. Since One Tamriel went live: a character can now cross the border wherever a road leads into or from another zone, regardless of the character’s alliance or level. From time-to-time, I’ve been doing “mapping rides” with two low-level characters on horseback. One character has a riding speed of 50% and stamina of 60%. The other has a riding speed of 50% and current stamina is 42%.

    There are a few places within certain zones, such as Riften, where the shortest route is through a hostile blockade that a horse cannot sprint through. But, so far I have found alternative routes that enable my character to move to a road border-crossing into an adjacent zone, to which the shortest road route is blocked.

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