ESO Chronicle of Luxury Furnisher Vendor Items

The Luxury Furnisher Vendor (Zanil Theran) is a special vendor that only appears on the weekend to sell rare furniture in Cicero’s Food & General Goods shop in the Hollow City, Coldharbour.

This journal tracks the items that have been sold on the [PC] Luxury Furnishing Vendor. 

Tip: All 56 weeks have been added to my ESO Calendar for those wanting to know what will be offered in the future.

Note: Information is posted here first then on social media and the official forums. If there are any delays or issues, a note will be posted on my twitter account (also shown on my homepage).



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Check out this 4 minute video about Zanil.
  • Frequency
    • Currently, items repeat every 56 weeks with new item(s) appearing each week.
  • New Weeks
    • 1 – 2 new weeks added each year. Often, it is the following week after a chapter celebration event
    • existing items return to rotation after the new items
  • Static Items
    • Wedding items appear around Heart’s Day (around February 14th)
    • Witch’s items appear around Witches Festival (around October 16th)

July 2020


  • Dwarven Crucible, Heavy 4,000g
  • Dwarven Pillar, Forged 10,000g
  • Dwarven Clock, Deactivated 15,000g
  • Dwarven Press Bed, Forge-Sized 22,000g
  • Dwarven Engine, Fused 24,000g  
  • Dwarven Fountain, Forged 50,000g

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  • Brotherhood Ledger Stand 4,000g
  • Brotherhood Candelabra, Floor 8,000g
  • Banner, Order of the Hour  12,000g
  • Hourglass Banner, Akatosh 12,000g
  • Brotherhood Carpet, Large 15,000g
  • Brotherhood Banner, Large 25,000g
  • Brotherhood Plaque, Wolf 25,000g

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June 2020


  • Brotherhood Candelabra, Table 2,500g
  • Hourglass Stand, Round 4,000g
  • Brotherhood Tapestry, Small 5,000g
  • Hourglass Pedestal, Square 7,500g
  • Brotherhood Tapestry 10,000g
  • Door, Sweet Mother 35,000g
  • Brotherhood Stained Glass Window 100,000g

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  • Statue Base, Circular 2,500g
  • Breton Statue, Arkay 20,000g
  • Dark Elf Statue, Knight 20,000g
  • Ra Ga Statue, Forward Scout 25,000g
  • Statue, Justice 25,000g
  • Statue, Order 25,000g
  • Statue, Truth 25,000g

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  • Statue Base, Square 2,500g
  • Dark Elf Statue, Ordinator 20,000g
  • Imperial Statue, Legion Champion 20,000g
  • Ra Gada Statue, Battlemage 25,000g
  • Ra Gada Statue, Blademaster 25,000g
  • Statue, Faith 25,000g
  • Statue, Light 25,000g

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  • Necromancer’s Brazier, Cold-Flame 10,000g
  • Column, Ossuary 20,000g
  • Necromancer’s Spire, Compact 25,000g
  • Azure Plasm Cage, Hanging 100,000g
  • Necromancer’s Spire, Huge 100,000g

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May 2020


  • Wheelbarrow, Bones 1,000g
  • Pedestal, Dark Stone 4,000g
  • Necromancer’s Brazier’s Flame 10,000g
  • Necromancer’s Spire, Narrow 50,000g
  • Necromancer’s Spire, Alcove 75,000g

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  • Bandages, Blood-Soaked 2,000g
  • Corpse, Burned Seated 2,500g
  • Corpse, Burned Sprawled 2,500g
  • Body Cage, 5,000g
  • Torture Rack 5,000g
  • Gate, Spiked Iron 15,000g
  • Orcish Burial Urn, Exhumed 20,000g
  • Torture Wheel 100,000g

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  • Iron Cross 10,000g
  • Skeletal Remains, Slumped over 10,000g
  • Iron Maiden, Chained 20,000g
  • Iron Cross, Large 25,000g
  • Gibbet, Hanging Hooked 75,000g
  • Iron Maiden, Occupied 100,000g

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Tip: There is a cheaper craftable Gibbet called Daedric Cage, Hanging


  • Alinor Pedestal, Shrine 10,000g
  • Sigil Stand 15,000g
  • Sigil, Kynareth 20,000g
  • Sigil, Mara 20,000g
  • Sigil, Stendarr 20,000g
  • Sigil, Zenithar 20,000g
  • Basin of the Divines 35,000g
  • Alinor Shrine, Phynaster 50,000g
  • Alinor Shrine, Y’Fre 50,000g

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  • Alinor Pedestal, Shrine 10,000g
  • Sigil Stand 15,000g
  • Sigil, Akatosh 20,000g
  • Sigil, Arkay 20,000g
  • Sigil, Dibella 20,000g
  • Sigil, Julianos 20,000g
  • Alinor Shrine, Magnus 50,000g
  • Alinor Shrine, Trinimac 50,000g
  • Altar of the Divines 50,000g

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April 2020


  • Fan Bush 1,000g
  • Plant, Luminescent Valeflower 2,500g
  • Plant, Soulsplinter Weed 12,500g
  • Bat Bloom 15,000g
  • Flowers, Blue Starbloom 15,000g
  • Glow Bush, Purple 20,000g

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  • Alik’r Cactus 2,000g
  • Garlas Alpinia, Branching 2,000g
  • Fern, Woody Slough 3,000g
  • White Hosta 3,000g
  • Buckthorn 4,000g
  • Plant, Flytrap 4,000g
  • Void Flower 5,000g

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  • Fishing Pole Rack 2,500g
  • Dock Winch 4,000g
  • Ocean Antler Coral 7,500g
  • Anchor 10,000g
  • Anchor, Hanging 20,000g
  • Antler Coral, Stout Crimson 75,000g
  • Antler Coral, Branched Spire 100,000g

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  • Dock Rope Wheel 3,000g
  • Platform, Floating Dock 3,000g NEW
  • Fisher’s Catch of the Day Rack 5,000g
  • Harbor Floats 5,000g
  • Mooring Line, Tidy 5,000g
  • Mooring Line, Coiled 7,500g
  • Antler Coral, Crimson 50,000g

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March 2020


  • Hew’s Bane Candlestick 2,500g
  • Hew’s Bane Rug 5,000g
  • Hew’s Bane Well 10,000g
  • Redguard Raincatcher, Golden 35,000g
  • Redguard Tent, Rounded Blue 100,000g New
  • Redguard Tent, Squared Silk 100,000g

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  • Hew’s Bane Merchant’s Basket 2,500g
  • Hew’s Bane Lantern, 5,000g
  • Redguard Vase, Golden 5,000g 
  • Ra Gada Funerary Statue, Miniature Ibis 15,000g
  • Hew’s Bane Bed, Royal 20,000g
  • Redguard Tent, Rounded Silk 100,000g

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  • Alinor Maple, Diminutive 4,000g
  • Alinor Maple, Purple 4,000g
  • Alinor Maple, Sinuous 15,000g
  • Alinor Windmill, Decorative 250,000g

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  • Sapling, Blue Wisteria 5,000g
  • Tree, Blue Wisteria 7,500g
  • Tree, Purple Wisteria 9,000g
  • Alinor Greenhouse, Summer 100,000g

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  • Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Atronach 20,000g
  • Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Lady 20,000g
  • Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Lover 20,000g
  • Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Mage 20,000g
  • Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Serpent 20,000g
  • Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Thief 20,000g
  • Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Warrior 20,000g

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The following are available from the achievement vendor in Rivenspire
Constellation Tile: The Ritual – Miscellaneous (Curse Breaker) 10,000
Constellation Tile: The Shadow – Miscellaneous (Curse Breaker) 10,000
Constellation Tile: The Tower – Miscellaneous (Curse Breaker) 10,000


  • Ayleid Sconce, Empty 4,000g
  • Ayleid Switch, Ancient 4,000g
  • Ayleid Pillar, Small Empty 5,00g
  • Culanda Stone, Glowing 5,000g
  • Varla Stone, Glowing 5,000g

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  • Wedding Blossoms, Peach 2,500g
  • Wedding Pergola, Bare 35,000g
  • Ra Gada Throne, Stone 50,000g New
  • Shrine of Mara, Decorative 50,000g
  • Wedding Gazebo 50,000g
  • Redguard Gazebo, Palatial Domed 75,000g

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  • Wedding Blossoms, Blue 2,500g
  • Wedding Lantern 5,000g
  • Wedding Lantern , Hanging 5,000g
  • Wedding Curtain 7,500g
  • Wedding Curtain, Wide 7,500g
  • Wedding Flower Trellis 10,000g
  • Ra Gada Statue, Seated Lion Ibis 25,000g NEW

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2020-01-31 (Week 52 – New)

  • Riekling Grinding Stone 450g
  • Riekling Tanning Rack, Stretched 450g
  • Riekling Brazier, Ceremonial 4,000g
  • Riekling Bonfire, Cermonial 4,000g
  • Riekling Banner, Boar Pelt 4,000g

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2019-01-24 (Week 51 – New)

  • Riekling Bedding, Icy Straw 2,500g
  • Riekling Banner, Wolf Pelt 4,000g
  • Riekling Lean-To, Boar Pelt 4,000g
  • Riekling Pelt, Boar 4,000g
  • Riekling Pit, Ash and Bone 7,500g

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2019-01-17 (Week 50 – New)

  • Orcish Seal, Battle-Axe 3,000g
  • Orcish Seal, Malacath 3,000g
  • Seal of Clan Morkul, Stone 4,000g
  • Seal of Clan Morkul, Metal 4,000g
  • Seal of Clan Shatul, Stone 4,000g
  • Seal of Clan Shatul, Metal 4,000g
  • Seal of Clan Tumnosh, Stone 4,000g
  • Seal of Clan Tumnosh, Metal 4,000g
  • Ancient Orcish Counterweight 20,000g

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2020-01-10 (Week 49 – New)

  • Orcish Seal, Hammer 3,000g
  • Orcish Seal, Wolf 3,000g
  • Seal of Clan Bagrakh, Metal 4,000g
  • Seal of Clan Bagrakh, Stone 4,000g
  • Seal of Clan Fharun, Metal 4,000g
  • Seal of Clan Fharun, Stone 4,000g
  • Seal of Clan Igrun, Metal 4,000g
  • Seal of Clan Igrun, Stone 4,000g
  • Ancient Orcish Sarcophagus Lid 10,000g
  • Ancient Orcish Sarcophagus, Peaked 15,000g

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2020-01-03 (Week 48 – New Order)

  • Banker’s Sign, Small 3,000g
  • Merchant’s Sign, Small 3,000g
  • Stablemaster’s Sign, Small 3,000g
  • Banner, Packs 4,000g
  • Banner, Transmute Small 5,000g
  • Banner, Transmute 12,000g

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