ESO Undaunted Celebration (2020)

Who has no fear of beast or blade? UNDAUNTED! Earn bonus loot during the Undaunted Celebration, ESO’s PvE dungeon event!


The second time this year, the Undaunted Celebration returns.

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ESO W2T: The Crafting Sets of The Reach

#WelcomeToTamriel! Markarth DLC introduced three new crafting sets: Aetherial Ascension, Legacy of Karth, and Red Eagle’s Fury. This video shows how you can quickly unlock all three sets without too many spoilers.

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#ProvisioningTheNewMeta 2020

Thanks to your visit(s) and occasional click(s) on our advertisements, you have enabled us to earn enough revenue to cover this website’s hosting costs. We are pleased to announce our #ProvisioningTheNewMeta 2020 charity campaign: It is hard to be a hero when you are hungry.

Update (October 30th): We had our best ad revenue month ever in October and we are on-track to hit our $1,000 goal for Food Banks Canada on our CanadaHelps.Org Fundraiser Page. Thanks again for visiting!

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What does the Golden Vendor offer this week?

The Adhazabi Aba-daro is a special ESO vendor that only appears on the weekend to offer a random selection of gold jewelry (2 from dungeons and two from zone items sets), two monster set helms or shoulders (pledge dungeons).

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In a special announcement by Matt Firor, Studio director, Zenimax announced it will not be porting The Elder Scrolls Online to the ARM architecture powering the next generations of Apple computers. In the letter, Matt suggests some options for Mac players but methods like emulators will greatly affect the performance of the game. The only viable option presented is for Mac players to transition to Google Stadia. Stadia shares the same servers as PC/Mac and player can resume where they left off.

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