Greetings gamer, I’m BenevolentBowd, a gamerdad from Vancouver, Canada who likes to play MMORPGs and publish simple but informative guides and news on my favourite video games.  Currently, I’m playing the award-winning Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited / Morrowind on the PC North American Server.
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My website features the popular recorded history of the golden vendor and luxury vendors, ESO Calendar, Things to Do in Tamriel, guides, crafting patch notes, crafting dungeon scouting reports, and occasional spoiler. [Blog]

Aside from the occasional re-tweet about something funny about Canada, my tweets are world politics-free and is where I post my blog links, website updates, game news, game memes, and interact with my fellow gamers. [Twitter]

At some point, I would like to publish new player-friendly guides on YouTube but for now I create playlists (Fishing, Motifs, Beginner Guides, etc.)  of my favourite ESO crafting videos. [YouTube]

My twitch account  auto-hosts my favourite newb-friendly streamers willing to answer questions and introduces new content with minimal use of coarse language [Twitch]

I’m the least active on Facebook and Google+.  Most of the content published are automatic posts from my blog. [Facebook][Google+]