ESOTU New Fashion Website


Llogwey on the forums just announced the launch of his new ESOTU fashion website.

Fashion celebrated…made thousands and thousands of screenshots, both front and back of every single item (head, belts, boots, gloves separated) and built a search engine allowing you to compare every item side by side…

Check it out at: 

ESOTU [PTS] Patch Notes 2.6.0 – Crafting Summary

New content coming to ESOTU!The following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.  No crafting related updates.

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v2.6.0, featuring One Tamriel! This update opens up the world of Tamriel for you to explore any time, and play with your friends no matter what level you are. Due to the significant changes One Tamriel brings to ESO, we’ve adjusted much of the current content and systems.

In this update, you’ll find that we’ve made Craglorn more solo-friendly, added Normal and Veteran modes for all 4-player dungeons, re-designed the Undaunted Pledge system, added new world bosses, and made some fairly sizeable itemization changes and updates – you’ll definitely want to check out all the details below.

In addition to One Tamriel, we’ve also added dueling, Weapon Ultimates, and added new daily quests. We’ve also added 16 new Monster Masks, and raised the Champion Point cap by 30 points. As with previous updates, we’ve also implemented many fixes and improvements to previous DLC game packs and the base game patch. Please note that the recently-announced Crown Crates will be available to test in a future PTS incremental patch.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this update, all of which will be free for all players and is approximately 3.81GB in size.

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ESOTU New Monster Helm Speculation – Forums

Baratron recently posted an interesting graphic in the frequently updated thread on the official forums on motifs.  It speculates on what the new monster helms will be based on some datamining.

baratron-uesp-speculation-thumbnailThis is what I came up with a few months ago when I was looking at the datamined data:


To view the graphic, view Baratron’s comment on the forums

ESOTU Patch Notes 2.5.5 – Crafting Summary +

New content coming to ESOTU!The following is a summary of the crafting related changes (plus a few “quality of life changes) included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.


  • There are four new Motifs coming to Tamriel: Dark Brotherhood, dro-m’Athra, Minotaur, and Order of the Hour.
  • Added achievements for learning all chapters of the Order of the Hour, Minotaur, and Dark Brotherhood style
  • Added an achievement for learning all chapters of the dro-m’Athra style.
  • Clothier Survey sites of all tiers now include a small number of a new Furrier Trap harvest node.
  • Orc Skill Heavy Armor Expertise: This passive ability has been renamed to “Craftsman.” Also, in addition to the current benefit it now increases your inspiration gains by 10%.
  • The top tier of durable Crafting Writs (Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Clothier) now require only the top tier of material.
  • Created a new, unique icon for Tempering Alloy. No longer will you mistake it for Citrine, or vice-versa.

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v2.5.5 and the Shadows of the Hist DLC Game Pack!

Anyone who owns ESO and has an active ESO Plus membership will also automatically have access to the Shadows of the Hist DLC Game Pack and the ability to freely dye your costumes. In this update, you’ll be able to conquer two all-new 4 player dungeons – the Cradle of Shadows and Ruins of Mazzatun. These dungeons offer new item sets, skins, Monster Masks and achievements!

The base game patch features a number of exciting new features including character re-customization through the new Style Parlor, the town capture system in Cyrodiil, improvements to existing Trials, and more. In addition, we’ve made several adjustments to the racial passives, and also increased the Champion Point cap to 531. You’ll also find we’ve made several fixes and improvements to existing content as well.

Equipment looted while in a Dungeon or Trial group can now be traded to active group members up to two hours after being looted

The Champion Point cap has been raised by a total of 30 points (10 in each red/blue/green constellation) to 531 Champion Points

You will always find a Monster Set shoulder piece in the Undaunted Gold chest, often in the Silver chest, and occasionally in the Bronze chest.

We hope you have fun with our latest update, which is approximately 4.6GB in size.

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ESOTU [PTS] Patch Notes 2.5.4 – Crafting Summary

New content coming to ESOTU!The following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.

There were a few fixes changes to crafting related items and a couple of achievements have been added for the new motifs.

The Elder Scrolls Online v2.5.4 is our last incremental patch on the PTS. In this update, you’ll find some small fixes in the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild DLC game packs, plus a number of fixes for general gameplay. The size of this patch is approximately 145MB.

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ESOTU Crown Store: AD, DC, and EP Motifs

It’s time for some alliance pride! Today, we’re introducing the three Alliance Motifs to the ESO Crown Store.

ESOTU Patch Notes 2.4.0 (PTS) – Crafting Summary

New content coming to ESOTU!The following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.


  • Craft Bags, available to ESO+ members, are an additional inventory section which does not count against your inventory limit, is shared across all characters on the account, and can hold an effectively unlimited number of all basic crafting supplies
  • Two new Motifs (Thieves’ Guild and Abah’s Watch)
  • Three new crafted sets (Pelinal’s Aptitude, Varen’s Wall, Kvatch Gladiator)
  • Alchemy includes a new subcraft, Poison-making
    • UI updates to reflect addition of poison-making
  • Enchanting glyphs will no longer have upper level requirement
  • All harvestable runestones will now provide at least one Essence and Aspect runestone per harvest
  • Potency runestones now available for purchase from any enchanting vendor
  • Item Traits have undergone revision to improve the viability and balance of each Trait

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ESOTU Ancient Orc Motif Drop Locations

Do MoreCaptainPocky, Guild Master of Ye Olde Pabst Brewery (Xbox), posted on the official forums his / her findings on the locations of drop location of various Ancient Orc Motif chapters.

Update: This information included on the master motif list.